Nathan Drake, Legends, pirate

Top Ten: Video Games Inspired By Legend

There are various key components to creating an amazing video game, especially when it comes to cementing a franchise. It’s not enough to have...
Aurora, Lemuria

Illuminate: Child of Light Review

Fairy tales are the magic in our lives. We are told stories like Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood as we grow, and we discover more through theatrical...
Marcus son gears of war 4 featured

“Mad World” vs “Tomorrow” Teaser Trailer | Gears of War

During tonight's premiere episode of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2, Microsoft revealed the new trailer for Gears of War 4. This trailer, titled...
Loading Screen, Game on, Stadium

Blast Off: Rocket League Review

What happens when you throw soccer, speed boosts, and a demolition derby together? The answer is one of the most addicting games ever released...
Unravel, Cover Art, Review

Unravel: A Spool of Memories and Symbolism

Memory is a powerful tool. Thoughts about our past govern how we live our lives and make choices in the future. They start off strong,...
Mass Effect, Bio Ware, Andromeda

Working On Destiny

Somewhat breaking news, video game lovers! Chris Schlerf has moved on from BioWare Montreal for Bungie.  After concluding his work on Mass Effect: Andromeda,...

The Evolution of Final Fantasy: Introduction

Nostalgia is one of the key components for marketing an established series, remake, or sequel. Whether it’s Batman, Ghostbusters or whatever the hell else...
Minecraft - Walking Dead Prison recreated

MINECRAFT: Recreation of The Walking Dead Prison

YouTuber Noble Forger has spent countless hours recreating the Prison from The Walking Dead (Season 3). His video walks you through The (Minecraft) Walking Dead Prison. Submit Your...


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