How I Met Your Mother: Can You Pass This Season Two Quiz?

We’re back with another hard How I Met Your Mother quiz. This time up – we’ve got 15 questions for Season 2.

Malls. MacLaren’s. Ted and Robin finally together. Lily back in New York after breaking it off with Marshall. Barney being.. well, Barney. It seems like this season is when the show really started to hit its awesomeness.

Chances are, if you’ve come this far you’re ready to put your knowledge to the test. So, let’s see if you’ve got the chops to pass this HIMYM quiz. Only people who’ve seen the show at least 3x will get a perfect 15/15.

Good luck!

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  • Question of

    What is the name of Ted’s boss?

    • Hammond Druthers
    • Carlos Prince
    • James Talle
  • Question of

    What part of Marshall’s body is Lily’s weakness?

    • His earlobes
    • His elbows
    • His calves
  • Question of

    In Slap Bet, Lilly awards Barney how many slaps for being lied to and prematurely slapped by Marshall

    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
  • Question of

    After Lily moves into her new apartment in “Worlds Greatest Company” what nationality are her new neighbors?

    • Chinese
    • Lithuanian
    • Brazilian
  • Question of

    Ted found out that Robin was lying about having an Ex-husband because she was not able to answer this detail about the wedding:

    • Husband’s name
    • How many bridesmaids did she have
    • Did she have a band or a DJ
  • Question of

    “Hey, Marshall. Are you lying on the couch right now moping about Lily? You are, aren’t you? Well, stop it. She’s not worth it. You gotta get over that ______” – What do we hear Ted call Lily?

    • Grinch
    • Evil hamster
    • Sneaky toad
  • Question of

    In the note that Barney left in “Ted Mosby, Architect”, how did he address the girl he slept with. ‘Dear _____’

    • Taxpayer
    • Resident
    • Partner
  • Question of

    “You wouldn’t watch the same movie over and over again. Maybe a great movie like die hard, but _____ once is more than enough” – What is Robin’s example of a bad movie?

    • Titanic
    • Star Trek
    • Field of Dreams
  • Question of

    Which of the following is not in Barney’s apartment after Lily sneaks in there to sleep:

    • 300 Inch flatscreen
    • Life size Stormtrooper
    • A poker table
  • Question of

    In “Swarley,” which of the following nicknames is not used?

    • Swarles Barkely
    • Bob Swarley
    • Carl Swarx
  • Question of

    What stopped Ted from firing his former boss Hammond Druthers?

    • Because it was his birthday
    • He started dating his sister
    • Because he was blackmailing Ted
  • Question of

    After day 44 of Lily leaving, why does Marshall get thrown out of the Yankee’s baseball game?

    • For throwing his hot dog at the couple who get shown on the Big Screen
    • Trying to run on the field
    • Trying to steal beer
  • Question of

    Who was not at Marshall’s bachelor party?

    • Marshall’s brother
    • Stuart
    • Brad
  • Question of

    In “Aldrin Justice”, after Lily decides to stop Painting which of the following does she not try:

    • Being a Life Coach
    • Being a Zookeeper
    • Being an Accountant
  • Question of

    “Do you know when you make up a statistic you always use ___” What does Ted say Barney always uses?

    • 51%
    • 83%
    • 62%

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