Harry Potter Riddles Quiz: How Many Can You Solve?

The Rules: We’ve come up with 7 tough Harry Potter riddles. Will you be able to use all of your magical knowledge to figure out these brain teasers?

Ready to give it a try? Give it your best shot down below!

7 books, 10 movies (and counting) and 1 play. But we’re guessing you still need more Harry Potter in your life right? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Just like Snape’s Potions riddle in the Philosopher’s Stone and the Sphinx’s riddle in The Goblet of Fire – you will need all of your magical knowledge (and some logic too for good measure) to figure these out.

From Hogwarts Professors and Potions to the Deathly Hallows, we’re covering a wide range of subjects to keep you on your toes. Are you ready to prove once and for all that you’re an expert in all things Harry Potter? Don’t let us hold you back any longer. Give it a go and see if you can get a perfect score. And if you still want even more, come back here to check out the rest of our Harry Potter Trivia.

Good luck!

Harry Potter Riddles – Quiz Trivia:

The Best Harry Potter Riddles

What if a Death Eater found the Resurrection Stone in the Forbidden Forest, would they be able to use it and bring Voldemort back in some way?

  • Question of

    Which Deathly Hallow am I?

    • The Elder Wand
    • The Invisibility Cloak
    • The Resurrection Stone
  • Question of

    Which Defense Against The Dark Arts Professor Am I?

    • Gilderoy Lockhart
    • Delores Umbridge
    • Mad-Eye Moody
  • Question of

    What am I?

    • Secret Keeper
    • Unbreakable Vow
    • An Auror
  • Question of

    Who am I?

    • Stan Shunpike
    • Ted Tonks
    • Florian Fortescue
  • Question of

    Which Broom am I?

    • Nimbus 2000
    • Nimbus 2001
    • Firebolt
  • Question of

    Which House-Elf am I?

    • Kreacher
    • Dobby
    • Winky
  • Question of

    Which Potion am I?

    • Amortentia
    • Veritaserum
    • Draught of Living Death

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