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Happy Birthday Russ and Goldy


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Thanks everyone. :)


At my grand old age I don't tend to get a lot of presents for my birthday, but I did get the cracking Series One of Phoenix Nights on DVD, which you're all welcome to borrow once I've seen it. I won't see my girlfriend until I go back to Uni in September, but she's promised me a lovely present. Probably a £5 book coupon, knowing these lousy students.


Everyone's also entitled to a bit of cake (It's the expensive Marks And Spencer's chocolate party cake with that fantastic genaché icing, so only one bit each I'm afraid).


I'll be out at the pub tonight taking advantage of the fact I can say "Gie uz a drink big mahn, 'smah burfday likes".


And hopefully Goldy's had a cracking day too.

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Thanks everyone!! :xyx I can't believe I have to share my thread with Russ :P, still can't think of anyone better to share it with :)


I've had a great day, didn't get any cake mind, unlike Russ, so be sure to keep me a slice :P


Thanks again and grapp you know you love me bugging you ;)

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Happy birthday Russ and Goldy. Hope you two had a great day!


Russ just gets funnier as the years gone by, he makes you laugh so much that you cannot tell all the wrinkles appearing on his face, year after year. :)


Goldy!! :) Goldy Goldy Goldy is a great girl, awesome to chat to and I hope she really enjoyed her day. :)

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Originally posted by K.J

Happy Birthday to both of you for yesterday, I know Goldy got something beyond her wildest dreams, a City win. :lol


The best thing was City went top of the Premiership on my birthday!!! even if it was short lived :P :D

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