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FReddy Blassy


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R.I.P. Freddie Blassie


From ProWrestling.com:


ProWrestling.com has just learned that legendary superstar, Classy Freddie Blassie, has passed away as of 7:30pm CT Monday evening. Blassie was certainly a star in the eyes of many wrestling fans a like. Whether you loved him or you hated him, Classie was always around to put some spice into your life.


:cry but :xyx Cheers Freddie, all the same.

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Yeah man totally agree he was a true legend, do you think he knew his health was rapidly getting worse and thats why he had one last appearance on raw as like a last goodbye?


King - "There's never been another one like Freddy Blassy huh JR


JR - There never will be either!


Thanks for the memories Freddy RIP.

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It's really strange I was just listening to Liveaudiowrestling's Freddie Blassie biography show which was aired Monday morning which was very entertaining. It had some of his promos and interview clips on there and from that you could tell he was awesome on the mic, with a character quite similar to Chris Jericho. He obviously had a great sence of humour.


Although I'd never seen him wrestle its always sad when a legend passes away. Nice of WWE though to use him in so many PPV opening vignettes and angles.

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Originally posted by Cactus Jack

It's Sad :cry


But its a "nice" end, seeing as he has literally just released his Autobiography.


Who will forget his pep talk during the invasion? I won't :cry


RIP Classy Freddie Blassie


Totally agree that pep talk was one of the most emotional promos ever.

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When i read this i was really upset by it...Classy Freddy will be remembered for the many great years he gave to the wrestling indusrty and yet another one of our legends has been taken from us.


truely a sad day for the wrestling industry.

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