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RoH - A Mis-Conception?

Cactus Jack

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Now, these opinions are gathered just from show 1.


Having just watched, despite having it for a year, RoH Show 1, I was wondering on your opinions on the promotion? With all the hype of the internet, in my mind, this show failed to live up to it. And, again going by the 1st show, they seem to have done a WCW; concentrating on others rather than themselves. Throughout, all I could hear were digs at the WWE:


“This is Pro-Wrestling”

“Kiss goodbye to Sports-Entertainment”




However, I found that quite funny. There saying that they are about Pro-Wrestling, yet had the Natural Born Sinners, Christopher Street Connection & Da Hit Squad, who are hardly the technical specimens, and in fact, are totally opposite to Pro-Wrestling with their hardcore style. Hypocritical of RoH?




1) I have not said RoH was crap; their Cruiser matches were enjoyable


2) This is based on show one.


What are your views on this promotion? Was the first show a good example of RoH? Have I got it completely wrong?




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No doubt you'll be destroyed for even daring to dislike the almighty Ring of Honor, but I think it's a fair analogy. I wasn't impressed simply because it's too technical, and I'm not a fan of highly technical matches (give me Raven over AJ Styles or Chris Daniels anyday), although Raven has made pit stops over at RoH more recently, which is a good thing to see they are trying to broaden.
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Regarding the first show: I to was sold by the internet hype and bought the video. Up until the last 2 matches I felt that the show was lacking somethingand it was in all honsty a bit dull. But Eddie vs Super Crazy was good and the Main Event Rocked the known world. It is quite a good example of ROH although the roster has expanded and improved alot since then.


Show 2 was better because of the round robin tournament between Daniels Low Ki and American Dragon. All three matches were great the main event between Ki and Dragon being a serious MOTYC. Show 5 is the only complete show that I now have as I have traded the other 2. That Show has another serious contender for MOTY in my opinion in the main event. a 4 way iron man match (60 minutes) featuing Low Ki, Chris Daniels, Doug Williams(!) and Spanky. The undercard wasn't that great though infact it was pretty weak but with a main event like that I didn't care.


What I did was I asked SiMania to make an ROH comp featuringf the best matches from the first 8 shows, time permitting. He very kindly did it and that tape is great. Each show has a knock out match usually so thats what is on it.


In Conclusion I believe that ROH is a good alternitive to the WWE if you like good wrestling with very little story line at all well at least not as bad as the WWE. Although the shows that I have seen did not blow me away overall a select few of the matches impressed the hell out of me. So yeah its a good fed and any way the shows that they produced were usually on par if not better than many of the cuurent WWE PPV's and if the whole Combat TV thing takes off and ROH is on it I will be happy.

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Blasphemy.....bloody blasphemy!!!


The whole point of the DHS, CSC opening "angle" was to kiss goodbye to sports entertainment and their gimmicks (by the way CSC really are gay)


Da Hit Squad are (or were) an extremely profficiant tag team trained by Homicide (the same guy who trained Low-Ki btw)


The Natural Born Sinners (were...before Boogalou sold out) fantastic wrestlers, Homicide for example was one of the break-out wrestlers of last year (infact until last night was the number one contender for the ROH Title).


There is normally 1 or 2 stand out matches on each ROH card which makes the tapes worthwhile, the 3-way on Era Of Honor Begins ( 1st Tape, which includes the kicking contest pitting Low-Ki and American Dragon with Chris Daniels as the kick pad). The American Dragon vs Low-Ki match at Round Robin Challenge (2nd Tape, refereed by Mr. Ken Shamrock) and of course the Iron Man Match which was held in the 100 degrees Murphy Rec. Centre.


This has been Ring Of Honors biggest fan in the UK signing out :D

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Believe it or not, before sports entertainment, 'Pro-Wrestling' had storylines, OTT characters and different styles of wrestling. RoH call themselves pro wrestling and not Sports entertainment *spits* because pro wrestling matches comabout because of titles, feuds, grudges, to build someone's status or just to determine the better man. However, sports entertainment matches are booked because of race, corpse raping etc etc.


I'm a big fan of RoH because they offer so many different styles of wrestling on one tape and normally one match of the year candidate. Which is very refreshing when you're used to watching that bullshit bland WWE style between two characterless nobodies like rodney mack and test. I watched the Roh 1st anniversary show a few days ago and their storylines are really starting to get going, especially between Corino's group and Daniel's prophecy. That show was actually so similar to a 99 ecw show its scary, some great promos and matches and the awesome riot angle.


If you want to see ring of honour's best check out their later shows where they're not so hung up on the cheesy code of honour and their roster is its strongest. unfortunately you'll have to sit through the painfull scramble matches involving the dog shit special K and Devine Storm.

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