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What's the most impulsive...


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thing you've done as an adult? I usually plot things out before acting and I'm quite reserved, but last weekend I purchased a new motorcycle on a whim. It's probably a midlife crisis thing but I have no regrets. It's the most impulsive thing I've done as an adult. What about you?
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I have been frugal as an adult, so impulse buying has only been on items that didn't cost much. The most impulsive thing I've done is agreeing to go on a road trip at the eleventh hour. I have always been that person who plans, but then I have learned to appreciate spontaneity.
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I moved back in with my mum and dad. I had lost my job at the start of the pandemic. I absolutely panicked when I couldn't find another job within a couple of weeks, and was afraid I'd run out of savings and not be able to afford my rent in a few months time. So I packed up my flat and moved back home. It was all very impulsive, but the news had been dreadful mind you, and I was convinced that we were all heading for economic ruin. Well, I found another job in my field within the same month. I'm still kicking myself for acting so impulsively.
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