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I don't have a social media account, but I've used it to impress clients and bosses before. Mainly just by looking at their info and seeing what they're into and slipping something into the conversation, so I'm relatable and memorable. I also use it to rattle the competition. People share all sorts of stuff online like when they're going through a divorce, having problems with their kids, and so on. The best ever was when I had checked out the wife's account and she was posting quotes about relationships being hard work. I eventually saw enough that I figured he was having an affair. During the video conference it took about a minute to suss out that he was messing with his secretary who was also int the room. I spent a good five minutes asking about his wife and kids and talking about their previous summer vacation they took as a family. You know, because I was looking for recommendations and it looked like they had such a great time as a family and such and such place. He was sweating bullets and looked guilty. The secretary looked upset. It was awesome! Guy agreed to everything just to get rid of me. That was a rare moment though. Usually it's just about slipping in little things and it can't be done often.
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