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WWE virus outbreak over?

Gareth The Great

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I haven't been following the WWE as closely as I used to, so I'm out of the loop. I read that there was an outbreak of the coronavirus with multiple staff members testing positive for it. How is everyone doing now? I tried finding the info on the usual blogs, but some of the headlines are misleading. I've seen more than one that mentioned how The Rock and his family all tested positive for the virus. It took quite a bit of searching to find that he didn't get infected while working for the WWE, which matters since the WWE insisted it was "essential". He's also completely healed as is his family and that bit wasn't included in many of the blogs either. So, is the outbreak over for the WWE? Is everyone okay?
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The outbreak isn't over, but neither is the WWE. People get sick. That's what we do. They will open back up soon even if it means putting only 1/3 or so of fans in the venues.

You know most news sites will pick up a story and run with it without verifying the information therein. All we deserve now is accurate reporting, yet that hasn't been happening. Just as @Greylien mentions, things will return to normalcy soon.

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I know that Renee Young has recovered and her husband, Jon Moxley of AEW, never had it. I believe AJ Styles has recovered too. I think it's become a big deal @Greylien because the WWE pushed the business as "essential work" and had the governor of Florida make them exempt. Plus, Roman Reigns has had chemo to treat his leukaemia and could possibly have a weakened immune system. He sat out for a while, but felt pushed to return once they got a bigger arena. I can understand wanting to know whether they're all okay. Whether a person believes the virus is no big deal or not, a fan is a fan and they're going to care. Edited by Ogmore
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