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Lesnar vs Jones, but for real this time?


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Every few years the rumors start churning as fans salivate over a possible UFC match between Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones. Dana White says he'll support it if Lesnar and Jones want to fight each other. I can't say that I blame White since it's certain to be ratings gold. But do you think both parties will agree? I think Lesnar and Jones might agree on the surface to a fight, but I doubt the match will ever happen. It's just part of the hype machine. What about you? Do you think 2020 or 2021 is when we'll finally see the Beast Incarnate take on Bones?
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I haven't been watching WWE much for close to a year now, so I'm out of the loop. Did Lesnar sign a new contract with the WWE? Maybe the possibility of his return to the UFC is being floated around as a tool to secure a more favorable contract during negotiations. I know that Lesnar has done something like that in the past. But yeah, I'd like to see those two face each other in the octagon.
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I think it could happen if both of them want it to, and what a match that would be! Would Brock be willing to go back to UFC? Well, it is a possibility, yet its also too early to tell. White is right, but I also think he needs to play his part if these two are to fight it out.
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