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NXT can't take Dynamite's heat?


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It looks like the McMahon clan might be ready to admit that the AEW is a real threat to their viewership numbers. Rumors are going around that the WWE might move NXT to another night so that it doesn't have to compete with Dynamite. I think that's pretty major if it turns out to be true since NXT has been the hottest brand for WWE lately. NXT is the new Raw. Plus, Vince threw several of his stars back to NXT to create promos, feuds, and events, so it's not like he didn't try to draw the heat away from Dynamite and reclaim the status as the top promotion. What do you make of the rumors? If they turn out to be true, do you think Vince will put Raw or SmackDown up against Dynamite instead?
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That's interesting. I saw that Mauro Ranallo left and was surprised because I thought he was a popular commentator with fans. I've only watched a few of the WWE's events this past year and have focused on AEW and ROH instead. There's not enough time to keep up with them all and the WWE was the easiest to let go. I doubt any of the WWE's brands can win the Wednesday Night Wars unless they make some serious changes. That's going to be tough because Vince seems to abhor change.
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I'm surprised Vince hasn't fought harder for dominance. Then again, I guess the decision to move NXT to the USA Network was one of his big tactics but it just didn't work. The numbers for this past Wednesday's show were even worse for NXT. I can't see Vince switching days, though. If he does that, he'll be admitting defeat, and he'll also send more viewers to AEW who want to watch wrestling on Wednesday nights but won't have NXT as the option
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