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NOS4A2 is just another It

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I've been watching the second season of NOS4A2 and the episodes have been hit-or-miss, but one thing that's become stunningly clear is that Joe Hill basically rewrote his father's bestselling novel, It. Joe Hill's dad is the legendary Stephen King. There are loads of similarities between It and NOS4A2. Both include a monster adversary with supernatural qualities. Both monsters were hard to kill. In fact, there were moments in both stories where the protagonists thought it was over and the monster was dead, only to have it return. Both monsters fed off children in order to stay alive. These monsters lured children by warping their world with "magic". They would get inside other peoples' heads as a form of coercion, and they manipulated their surroundings to further their end. Both stories are built on the backs of horrible parents and how they treat their children is a major driver of the plot and each kids personality. Sexual assault is portrayed in both stories including the victimization of children. The adults in both stories fail to listen to the kids when they try reaching out, parents or not. Joe Hill chose his pen name so no one would think his success was due to his father's influence. Maybe someone should tell him that he essentially just rewrote his father's book.
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Now that I know there is a link to Stephen King I'm going to check this NOS4A2 out. Good for Joe Hill not to use his father's name, but I wonder what his father thought when he read his son's work? Assuming that Joe put it past him. He couldn't get a much better editor.
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