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Who would you want to see making a comeback?


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When was the last time Jericho appeared on WWE? 2017? I liked watching him there, but I think he's a bit better with AEW's crew. You should check them out if you haven't already. WWE has gotten a bit boring, except for NXT.


I'd like to see Ricochet make a comeback. Yes, he's still with WWE, but he's not really Richochet if you know what I mean.

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Good grief I couldn't agree any harder, Ogmore. Ricochet is suffering at the hands of the random "Vince McMahon burial". Really pisses me off. They keep treating him this way, they're gonna push him out of the company with their stupid short-sightedness, and he'll end up in the arms of AEW eventually, I'd have to believe.


Jericho may eventually return to WWE but probably not for a long time. In fact at this point, it wouldn't surprise me if he only comes back for a hall of fame induction. I think he's much happier elsewhere, where he can fully enjoy his creative freedom and work with a whole new variety of awesome wrestlers.


I honestly don't know if Punk will ever wrestle again. I almost think he won't - If we've waited 6 years for him to come back to WWE, and the way he does it is via Fox's Backstage show...I dunno. I think it's a good way for him to test out how he feels, but I feel like that sucked a lot of the momentum out of any return he could do. I'm sure it'd still be a big deal, but not like it would've been had it been by surprise.


I don't think I have anyone I want to return to WWE Raw or Smackdown, but I'd love to see Ricochet get sent back to NXT. That'd be the best thing for him under the WWE Umbrella right now. Same with Viking Raiders and Aleister Black. Honestly, I'd like to see most of them sent back to NXT cause the vast majority of them were better there. Elias was unbearable in NXT but I love him on Raw/Smackdown so he's probably about the only one I for sure wouldn't send back if I could. But NXT also can't take on so much talent, so *shrug*.


I do hope we see more of a revolving door of talent going BACK to NXT now that it's live on the USA network. Charlotte challenging Rhea is great but in years past, a Rumble winner picking a different champion meant they permanently moved to that show. Like when Benoit won the Rumble in 2004, he was Smackdown and he chose to pursue Triple H's World title on Raw and he was moved over there. But in this case with Charlotte, she's clearly challenged for the NXT Women's title but they're still announcing her as a Raw superstar and up until this last week, they were still using Raw to help further that story. I HOPE now it's gonna be all NXT moving forward, but it's still a big question as to whether Charlotte will be NXT either way win or lose. I thought it was a given that she'd be NXT, that'd be a fair trade (Shayna to Raw, Charlotte to NXT), but now with the way it's gone, I wouldn't be surprised if Charlotte loses to Rhea and then goes back to Raw. But I hope not.

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I love Booker T too, one of my favorites. But he's at the point where he's best served as a personality and a trainer at his school. Not that he can't still perform some, but probably would be better served giving that to his students now. *shrug*
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@DandyMandy Nice Booker T. find!


I don't want to see comebacks from wrestlers who were once great and probably still are. I'd like to see more of the up-and-comers that the WWE added to their roster, only to forget about them once they were signed. Removing some of the "just okay" wrestlers, like Corbin and Lashley, would help make room.

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