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Does anyone still read the original materials?

Guest Pluto

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I'm talking about the popular adapted series such as the MCU or DCEU. This kind of title is very intriguing for movie enthusiasts like myself, but I still don't feel like jumping into the comics right away. Given that new issues are still being printed, I believe they still have a dedicated fanbase, no matter how small it is.


Has anyone ever decided to check the original materials of these popular adaptations?

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I've never been much of a comic book fan. I find them choppy and hard to follow. I don't have a strong enough imagination to fill out the story. I never thought about checking the original source material, but I've been exposed to the basics online. Usually by comic book purists who believe the movies shouldn't deviate from the comics very much. I think it gives a good overview.
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Guessing and animating the story in our heads are the charms of written arts. It's just that an adaptation can have a different identity, complicating the series. That's why I usually avoid checking too many versions of a story. We've also had too many spoilers anyway, so the suspense is mostly gone.


I used to think that adaptations exist to help boost the original works, even though they usually come from popular works. It's kind of confusing.

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I really want to, but my problem is that I want to read EVERYTHING and I don't know where to start, or how to navigate it, so I just don't.

I bet your free time won't be enough once you've started. :D There are just too many. Sometimes I go check the Wikipedia page of a story and find out that there are some versions and the adaptation may take details from a few of them. Not to mention the time jumps or universe reboot. It's too confusing.

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