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Least popular video games


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What's the worst game you ever played? By this, I mean those games that you were good at but never really liked. I remember trying out Hatred, a PC game that I found to be bloody, violent and boring. I also tried out Playstation's 4 Knack, a 3D platform that had a boring linear design.
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Superman 64 for the Nintendo 64. I love Superman, and I thought this looked fun when it was brand new. So I rented it one week, and what I got was one of the most broken pointless games ever. Literally couldn't even finish the first thing the game has you do - You start off in what seems to be a little tutorial to teach you how to fly. You're supposed to fly Superman through various rings around Metropolis in sort of a race. Not much reason given for this, but it's impossible to do because the controls are so awful and the map/guidance is so unhelpful you can't even figure out where to go for the next ring unless you happen to get lucky and point your camera directly at it. But there's nothing to indicate on your map (if there even was a map, I don't remember) where you need to go.


Apparently there's not anything better for the rest of the game past that point if you somehow beat the race. It's very empty and boring.

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Well, I agree that Superman is/was a terrible game because I have never attempted to go back to it ever. Not only was flying through the city slow; it was boring as well. I would also say that I found it a bit hard to navigate through Euro Truck Simulator.
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