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Rituals and superstitions


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It's interesting how common rituals and superstitions are among MMA fighters, trainers, and schools. It seems to be pretty individualistic and some of it's downright weird. One of my favorite superstitions surrounds the Eminem Curse. In case you don't know, there's this oddly pervasive myth, especially in the UFC, that fighters who walkout to a song by Eminem will lose the match. I think it's been debunked, but the superstition persists and many fighters are known to avoid it just in case.
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I suppose it's no different than every other sport really as they all seem to have their superstitions. As far as individual fighters go, I always enjoyed Ronda Rousey's march, serious face, and chest slapping. She wasn't there to entertain or play around. She was there to annihilate her competition. It was usually the same walkout routine. Look straight ahead and march out. I also enjoy Quinton Jackson's wolf howl, especially since he told Matt Lindland that he smelled like a skunk, which is part of The Law's pre-fight ritual. No showering in the days leading up to the fight in an effort to psyche out the other fighter. That's just gross.
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Superstitions in sports make some players feel they have an edge over the competition.


Then again, if you take a certain pair of socks with you to every game for 10 games and win every one, then on the 11th forget the socks and lose........is it really a superstition?

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