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Bad Video Games

Guest browncoat

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Guest browncoat

I feel that sometimes a video game can be so bad it's actually amazing. Similar to how people like bad movies because they enjoy making fun of the poor acting or shallow characters, I enjoy a video game that clearly had no coherent direction at times. A good example of this for me is a game called Wurm Online. There is a newer "run your own server" or "join a custom server" version of it called Wurm Unlimited that you can get from Steam for a very affordable price if you want to check it out.


The concept is absolutely stellar, a true player-run sandbox MMO where the only limit is your time, patience, and creativity. However there are some severely limiting aspects that begs the question as they do on their forums, "Bug or Feature?"


Some of that has been ironed out over almost a decade of updates, but if you want a good laugh read through the changelog especially the early days. My favourite was something like, "Fixed an issue where a new sound effect for spiders caused water to deal damage to any creature that touched it." It always makes me laugh to wonder how something like that could happen!

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Guest Mecha Jaraxxus
I posted about Wurm a couple months back and received no response...shocking, eh? :roflmao: I love that game. Do you still play? I've been wanting to give it a go again recently, but it's kind of hard since the player base is so limited these days. I just wander around looting everything and killing spiders.
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