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UFC 237 brutal finishes


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UFC 237 has been just brutal! I didn't think Jessica Andrade was going to pull it off, she was barely keeping in, yet in the end she decimated Rose Namajunas with a piledriver. Very little is illegal in MMA, but that move is supposed to be one of them. The referees determined it was a Namajunas fault for hanging on Andrade's arm too long. I'm surprised she wasn't paralysed myself. Afterwards Namajunas alluded to the possibility of her retirement. Do you think she's really done?


Another devastating finish was Jared Cannonier buckling Anderson Silva's knee. I know Silva was a crowd favourite, but I don't think Cannonier deserved to get booed like he did. It was hard seeing Silva writhing in agony on the ground like that though.


UFC 237 brought some of the most brutal, unexpected finishes I've seen. Where you surprised by any of the outcomes?

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@DandyMandy since you watched it, what did you think about Andrade's controversial slam that essentially gave her the KO. Do you think it was called correctly? I found it maddening, but I think I'm in the minority. It's not like I'm a massive Namajunas fan either.
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It's a tough call for sure. Personally, I think Andrade was losing and she knew she was losing, so she did the same move that got her DQ'ed from a jiu-jitsu competition and earned her the nickname Bate Estaca. Namajunas shouldn't have let her get that close. I thought Namajunas suffered a serious neck injury too, but she must have just been stunned because she looked fine in the post-fight press conference.
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