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Dean Ambrose leaving WWE?


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From the Wrestling-Online Newsletter:




- The Pro Wrestling Torch website broke the news that Dean Ambrose has given his notice to WWE and will be packing his bags once his current deal is up at the end of April of this year. Wade Keller of The Torch said that he was given a new contract and a pay raise but Ambrose told WWE officials this weekend, including Vince McMahon, that he was not interested in more money or staying. His status in WWE looked pretty obvious yesterday on Raw after he was attacked by Nia Jax and on Sunday he didn't have a great Royal Rumble either. The former WWE champion has been working for WWE since 2011, first in developmental and then making his main roster debut in 2012 with the rest of The Shield. Ambrose is married to Renee Young and it is not known if his status with the company will affect her in leaving as well. Young is one of the voices of Monday Night Raw, the first female permanent commentator for a major WWE show.

I'm surprised by this, thought he had things pretty good. I wonder if it's more of a creative decision so he can have more freedom with his character. I imagine he's done pretty well for himself money wise so I believe the bit about him not being interested in more money.
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Guest Eversleigh
Roman Reigns is returning this coming week to RAW to update his fans on the status of his leukaemia. I hope this is a way to reunite The Shield for one last go, but in a way that isn't taxing on Reigns' health. Part of me is worried that his treatment isn't going well and he's coming to tell us that. I really hope not though. Part of me thinks the plan is for The Shield to reunite before Dean Ambrose's contract expires. What do you guys think?
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Guest Avatar
The way he has been booked (losing to Drew McIntyre) for the last few weeks, it looks like he will be leaving after Wrestlemania. If he does, i hope he ends up at AEW.
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Guest Incredible Iron
WWE wrestlers left the stage for different reasons, but they come back every now and then. They may even be part of the Wrestlemania event, which draws more fans to watch that event.
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