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Returning to Wrestling Fandom Just In Time

Guest Twigg

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Yikes. It has been a long time since I've posted here. But dammit, after watching Being the Elite on YouTube for the last (nearly) year. I've seen my interest on pro wrestling slowly return. All In was the first PPV I paid for since Wrestle Mania 23(? I think that's the right one).


So with New Japan Pro Wrestling breaking into the US market, and now the Elite truly changing the World (of pro wrestling) with AEW ... Not to sleep on Bryan's beautiful heel turn upon winning the WWE title (which reminds me of my heel person in the TWO stars efed, by the way) ...


... I'm finally excited to watch prowrestling again.


PS- god, damn TPIB. I'm amazed at your dedication. You're still manning the US wrestling sub forum, huh? More Power to ya.

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It's been a long time!


I'm not sure how much AEW will change things...we've all watched TNA fail miserably for so long. I'm hoping with the backing they have they can get some momentum going. Do you know if they have a TV deal yet? Them signing Jericho was a surprise but I feel like it won't change much in the whole grand scheme of things.


With WWE, I feel pretty burnt out with Raw, I feel like it's a chore watching all 3 hours. Smackdown is better but they need to add some more excitement back into the shows. With it being Mania season, they always tend to step up, so hopefully, we'll have some good TV over the next few months.

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Yo, Kamtron 5000! I don't know specifics, but Chris Jericho was interviewed by a YouTube channel and he said they do. Something along the lines of how he wouldn't have signed with AEW if he wasn't satisfied with their business plan/model which includes TV. He also mentioned they pay better than WWE too!


ESPN and SBnation are already taking notice of AEW. They've written articles on the fledgling company. With financing from the NFL Jaguars' ownership; who actually have an interest/fandom in pro wrestling (unlike Ted Turner, the closest comparable example); it's hard not to be excited. ESPN noted that AEW's financiers have a net worth more than double that of McMahon. Sooo... I'm not saying; I'm just sayin'.


I've switched over to consuming wrestling online, mostly YouTube. I let Simon Miller of WhatCulture watch SD & Raw for me now. The only wrestling I watch on TV is MLW on an obscure sports network. They tour shows through Chicago too.


P.S. - It's good to be back. Who else is still here that I'd know?

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I've never really been keen on Japanese wrestling. I mostly followed WWE and a bit of TNA, although I no longer follow any of them closely. Now that many of the wrestlers from the attitude era are no longer active in the WWE, it may be a good time for Japanese wrestling to get into the mainstream.
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It's never been easier to keep up with them either. On YouTube alone NJPW has immediate highlights, and Kevin Kelly narrates a great feud/faction history series for them too. But they also have a solid subscription streaming service.


And, well, if you don't know about Being the Elite then I don't know what you're doing with your life. :lol:

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