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Throw any two people. . .

Gareth The Great

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If you could throw any two people into the octagon, which two fighters would you pick and why? Anything goes, so don't worry about weight class or whether the athlete has retired.


For me it would be Cris Cyborg and Valentina Shevchenko. It's true that they aren't in the same weight class, but part of Shevchenko's legend is that at the age of 12 she managed to KO her 22 year old opponent during one of her Muay Thai fights. Shevchenko is brave, strategic, and scrappy. Cris Cyborg has more body mass, but she's lacking technical finesse. A match between the two would be entertaining.

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I would throw in Rousey and Cyborg. I'm a Rousey fangirl, always have been, but she lost all that weight because she was afraid to fight Cyborg. With the proper training and a bit of confidence I think Rousey could take her down. Cyborg is a sloppy fighter who relies on her heft. Rousey has the natural talent and hard work ethic to get it done.


For the men I'd throw in Cormier and Lesnar just because Cormier seems to want it so badly.


GSP Vs Connor MacGregor, just to see Georges defeated mentally in the press conference, and physically in the fight.

I used to think that GSP was overrated, but the bloke has grown on me. I like your plan.

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Guest RegentLennox
I would throw Jon Jones and Khabib Nurmagomedov in the octagon. If I could do the same with boxers, I would pit Mike Tyson against Muhammad Ali in their primes.
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