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Worst Date Ever

Gareth The Great

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My face still heats up when I think about it. I'd been chatting up this bird at the pub. Friends of ours set us up on a blind date which is always tricky, but we were getting on well. At least until I spilled a pint all over her jumper. To be fair, she was sweet about it and laughed it off. But then when I tried to help her clean the mess cause it was on the floor too, I somehow hit her chin. She bit her lip hard. Blood was running everywhere. The girl ended up needing stitches. I tried texting her after that just to see how she was but she never replied. I ran into the girl last night and we did the awkward hellos before she rushed off with another bloke. Ouch.


Misery loves company. What's the worst date you've had?

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I started talking to a girl from Myspace back around 2009. She seemed cute in her pictures, and we had 2 sort've dates. The first one I just went to Wal-Mart and walked around with her as she shopped, it was kind've awkward but it was her idea. She also didn't look nearly as cute as her pictures online. They were her, but she took the right angles or make up or whatever. I'm not super shallow, but it was a very noticeable difference.


The other one after that had her come over to my place, I was living in a house with one of my best friends at the time. The conversation me and her had was dull, she insulted one of my other best friend's Fiance who she knew in high school, then expressed that she was really more interested in my roommate than me and asked if I could set them up.

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