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What's the longest or the furthest that you have run?

Guest AmyRichmond

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Guest AmyRichmond

I am trying to get myself fit with running, and I have been doing a bit of Couch to 5k, and a bit of running outside of this plan. When I run with my running buddy we do the Couch to 5k together, but, if he can't make it, I just time myself.


The longest time I have run for is twenty-five minutes. I found that a bit exhausting, and so I cut down a bit. My more recent longest is twenty-three minutes, and I am going to try to get this best effort back up to twenty-five and beyond.


Running buddy has a bad back at the moment, so he has not been running with me lateley. So it looks like I am ploughing a lonely furrow for the time being.

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I have had an on-and-off fitness routine but sometime back, I used to run for around one hour then do between 500 to 800 rope skips. I have become lazy of late but I wish I could go back to where I was a few months back. I had a running buddy but decided to drop him because of his lack of consistency.
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Guest WayneJDavies

I can never find running outdoors as it were with any motivation.


Playing football is fine and I can do that no problem.


Gym on the cross trainer is fine but when it comes to running locally as it were just can't do it, dunno if its like a mental thing.


Football and in the gym i do my exercise don't know if that counts towards what's you mean @AmyRichmond

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Guest Cherry-Chan
I am really into running and the best I have ever done is running a half-marathon. I want to get myself fit enough to do a full marathon, but with the weather in Yorkshire being so foggy and rainy lately it is difficult to work up the impetus to get out there and do a run, particularly if I have been out at work all day. I really ought to get out on the weekend and do a run. I am looking forward to building up my capability, and ideally I would like to do a marathon next summer.
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