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Which NXT wrestlers will move up?


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Guest theVman

Right now none. Theres no room on the main roster for any further call ups.


Being called up doesnt always feel like a good thing either. The main roster killed off Tye Dillengers 10 gimmick, Sanity, AOP, Revival, American Alpha and The Accesnsion lost all momentum because there was no room for them, The Iconics have been reduced to a joke, Bobby Rood and Apollo Crews has been used horribly, Andrade seem to be putting on solid matches against the top smackdown talent much better than Joe or Nakamura has and yet gets no recognition. He should be US champ or in the main event picture.


Maybe on the Womens side of things there is room for Shayna storywise because of Ronda.


Theres so much talent in NXT and the future is bright but until the main roster are in a position to release a few of the old faces, i think id rather stay in NXT for a while longer.


But if i had to call up id think about the matches/stories if wanna see such as

Shayna vs Ronda

Jonny Wrestling vs Daniel Bryan or AJ Styles

Keith Lee or Kassius Ohno Vs Bobby Lashly

Undisputed Era vs Wyatt Family or New Day

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Shayna Baszler

Velveteen Dream

I could see those two getting called up as well. I bet Ronda would freak if Shayna was right there too.


@theVman, the old faces are getting older and older. Kane is 51. Lots of them are in their late-thirties to mid-forties and the body doesn't bounce back as quickly at that age. Surely, Vince has to make room for some young blood soon. I agree with you about Andrade and it's a real shame. I'd love to see a match between Shayna and Ronda and I wonder if Shayna resents Ronda for getting the star treatment right off the bat. Ronda is business savvy, so I question whether her contract stipulates anything about such a match ending in her favor. Probably not since Vince is also business savvy and likes to control everything.

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