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Your Thanksgiving plan

Guest Luna

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I know that it's still quite far away, but Thanksgiving is one of my most favorite holidays. I think that's because Christmas and a new year are coming soon after the celebration. Are you planning anything different than usual this year?
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Lots of shopping and cooking, I guess. We're looking into new recipes to try, as well as family and friends to invite. I hope to participate more in the preparation as I was too busy last year. It's one of my most favorite time of the year, so I'm very looking forward to it.
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Guest AmyRichmond

We don't have Thanksgiving here in the UK, but I did once spend a fantastic Thanksgiving with some friends in Texas - they were wonderfully warm and hospitable.


Meanwhile, here in Britain, our last festival was Bonfire Night, with bonfires, fireworks, hot potatoes and parkin. Parkin is a type of ginger cake and seems to be found mainly in the north of England.


Our next festival is Christmas.

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Guest Cherry-Chan

I would love to go to a Thanksgiving celebration, but as I don't know anyone from the US living in the UK, it is unlikely that I will be invited to a Thanksgiving dinner! I have heard all about the turkey and the rest of the lovely meal, as well as pumpkin pie and pecan pie.


Some day I will get to take part in a Thanksgiving celebration - I may just have to travel to the US to do it though.

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@AmyRichmond Bonfires and fireworks are not things I often find in the festivals or gathering I attend. With good food and good music, that sounds just perfect! @Cherry-Chan I hope you'll get to experience it someday!


@North My family isn't too picky about food. It's weird to try something unusual because it's our annual tradition. What do you like most about Thanksgiving?

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