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I Bought a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


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and boy is it a disappointment. Vacuuming is a simple chore that just takes a few minutes, so I'm not exactly sure why I wanted the device in the first place. The idea of a cleaning robot just sounded wonderful. I went with an iRobot Roomba e5 and snatched it up during a sale. It doesn't have the same suction power an upright, it doesn't get into the corners like I can with a handheld, and it definitely isn't carefree cleaning. I pictured a machine that happily did its thing and docked itself to charge. Instead, the robot attempts to clean the floor, then I have to clean the robot. Inevitably hair and fur gets tangled inside and it needs emptied often. I thought maybe it was just my version that wasn't handy, but no, I borrowed a Samsung model from a relative, and it too isn't up to snuff. It's quicker to just vacuum the house myself. It looks better afterward, there's no dust or debris to deal with, and I can put it in the closet when I'm done.


Do you have a robotic vacuum cleaner and love it? Someone out there has to love theirs because they're super popular.

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Guest AmyRichmond

I am disappointed to hear that it is not very good, because I was thinking of getting one of those myself! Vacuuming has to be one of the jobs I hate the most, though my partner doesn't seem to dislike it as much as I do, and can do quite a fair job of getting all the dust up.


If it is my turn to sort out the dusty floor, I get a dustpan and brush (long handles on both), and just go around sweeping up the dust, fur and crumbs. I seem to enjoy it a whole lot more than getting the vacuum cleaner out.

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Guest Cherry-Chan

Is there any chance of a robot that tidies away and cleans dirty dishes, makes the bed, cleans the bathroom, and does other household tasks, as well as vacuum? I would definitely be in the market for one of those. I really hate housework, but I like to have a neat and tidy house.


I say this partly as a joke, but I think it would be really good if machines could relieve humans of boring tasks.

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