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Rude collection agent!


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Collection agent, is that what they are called? Well, whatever they are called, this guy was rude. So, awhile ago I had a credit card charge off. I meant to pay on the bill before it went to collections, but I didn't and it charged off. I'm human, I fall behind in my bills sometimes. At any rate, on Tuesday morning my phone rings. I hardly ever answer my phone, and so admittedly people find it hard to connect with me at times.


So, I answer the phone, and this guy in a very rude, combative tone of voice asks me when can I make a payment. I tell him not now, but when I'm able to I'll call his company back. He goes on to ask me if I'm working, and why would I make a bill that I couldn't pay, and do I realize that the company extended me a line of credit? Then he asks me why am I reluctant to make a payment now. Then he goes on to tell me that he's been calling my number for three months, and I haven't responded.


His tone of voice was really rude. It's like, I know he has a job to do, but are collection agencies supposed to be rude and try to start an argument over the phone. I mean seriously, what do you say to, "Why would you make a bill you can't pay?"

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He's being unnecessarily combative. I've had more than my share of credit issues too that I'm working on cleaning up - I've had several charge-offs, even temporarily had my car repossessed (thankfully had some help in getting it back before they sold it). I personally just didn't have enough income between my full time job + donating plasma twice a week to support myself and my child support payments. Thankfully I'm beginning to repair it all now as I've gotten a new job that doubled my income at the beginning of August. Idealistically by the end of 2019, I should have my credit completely clean again.


In my experience if you answer the phone for them, they're gonna be very persistent about either getting a payment from you right now or about setting you up on a payment plan.


My strategy for a long time was not great for my credit, but it was good for peace of mind until I could afford to turn it around - I was bombarded with collection agency calls for awhile, I'd have as many as 5 or 6 a day. So what I'd do is I'd wait until the call went to voicemail, listen to the voicemail (if they left one) and then I created a contact entry called "Do Not Answer" and added the phone number to it. I kept doing that for months, and occasionally they'll try to trick you by calling from a new number so you think it's not them anymore.


When you have a credit card charge off or any debt charge off, don't make contact until you're in a position to either pay it off, or to begin making payments.


Also keep in mind that when it's a collection agency calling you and not the company you originally had the debt with, that means they bought the debt for substantially less than what you actually owed the original creditor. That means they'll take a lot less to consider the debt paid, as well. Usually you can negotiate anywhere between 30 to 50% of the original debt value. But further than that, you don't want to just pay the debt and be done - that won't help your credit much.


It will look better than an account still being Not Paid, but not much...because it still went to collections in the first place. What you'll want to do is get it IN WRITING that upon receiving payment for the debt (whatever amount you negotiate/agree to), they will report to all the credit agencies within 30 days and remove the collection completely.


They have the power to do this - anything a company reports on your credit, they can edit on your credit. It's just a matter of getting them to do it. More often than not, they'll be happy to take the money and do it. And if they don't follow up with their end of the bargain, you take the written agreement/statement along with proof of payment (like bank statement or receipt) and dispute the collection with the credit agencies, and it'll be taken care of by them.

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I'm happy to hear that things are turning around for you. Debt is no fun. I figure I will need to work for about two or three years straight, seven days a week to pay off my bills. Ugh, but it could be worse.


You actually sold plasma to support yourself? I've heard of people doing that, I've seen it on documentaries, but I didn't know that was really a thing. My gosh, you are a trooper... but you have to do what you have to do, right? I've done a lot of recycling cans, so there's that.


I just got a new job too, ironically, actually I got it in late July, got a promotion a couple weeks ago. The money is good, but the hours are sporadic, so my schedule is non-existent which throws me off on just about everything from when to cook, to when to eat, when to clean my house, to when to take a shower... it's a beautiful job though.

Your new job sounds great, twice the income?:beer:, that's so fabulous.


Yes, you're right, the collector guy was being unnecessarily combative, but after reading what you wrote about it being an outside agency that probably bought the debt I can see why he was so accusatory and rude. He actually was talking to me like I owed him money.

He also sounded like he was sure that the way he was talking was going to get some type of rise out of me, like he had provoked many people with his attitude. I didn't take the bait. To me, an argument, even with a stranger over the phone, is like a connection, and I'm very picky about who I connect myself with. I'm famous for pressing 'unsubscribe' when it comes to dealing with people. I would rather not speak to you than argue with you. This might sound strange, but in order for me to argue with someone, or even slightly debate, I have to almost love you. This guy over the phone wanted to argue, but I just couldn't oblige him.


Thanks for your advice about not contacting them until I have the money to pay. And I'll look into trying to get that collection off of my credit report.

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