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Are there any fans of YouTube on here? Who or what do you like to watch? It's a hobby that I've had for the past 10+ years. I enjoy any type of content that is good. I watch a couple of vloggers (David Dobrik is my favorite), I watch series on there, documentaries and videos like those of Dude Perfect (trick shots).
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@Mendez I adore YouTube, it's one of my favorite things to watch. I love watching planner videos, and "Plan With Me" videos. They are addictive! I've recently started watching "Clean with me" videos. I also watch cooking channels , and I watch paid movies. I'll 'rent' them for a couple of days for $2.99 and up, depending on the movie. If it's something I really like, then I buy the movie and watch it anytime. So, yeah, I'm a fan:). David Dobrik? I don't think I've ever heard of him until now. I'm definitely going to check him out.


I like vloggers, but usually the family vlogs. Even though I don't have children, I enjoy watching families, or travel vloggers. Besides that I watch a lot of house tours to get inspiration for my own home's decor.

House tours!!! Yes! And dorm room tours, too. Do you have any favorite channels that you watch for home tours? I watch some of everybody, there's never a shortage of viewing material, that's for sure. I like Pretty Neat Living, although she doesn't do a lot of tours. I also like House & Home, and Robeson Design (although she makes my skin crawl every time she says pronounces the word accessory as "uhhsessory" :sadtears:). Also love Martha Stewart on YouTube. Watching house tours is so addictive, those videos should come with a warning label about how they might consume large chunks of your time.

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