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Guest AlexMack

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Guest AlexMack

Hey everyone, I'm Alex. I would have killed for Alex Mack to be my given name because I used to be obsessed with that show but...it's not. I grew up on Nickelodeon shows and have branched out since. I'll watch just about anything but I have no issues with giving up a show if it doesn't hold my attention after the first few episodes. That apparently makes me a freak because my friends cannot stop watching a show once they've watched a couple episodes. I'm rambling about nothing. I've never been good at these introduction things, but I figured I should post one up before it gets too late.


I've enjoyed chatting with you all so far and look forward to getting to know you all more.

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Guest AmyRichmond

Hello, Alex Mack - so are you going to tell us where you are from? The "Howdy" rather suggests the US, and I feel I ought to be able to pick out a particular area, but not being that sure of American accents and language styles, I am not sure!


I live in the beautiful northern city of Leeds, in England. The town centre has beautiful Victorian buildings and arcades, and the city has a lot of parks - Beckett Park, Roundhay Park and Meanwood Park to name but a few.


So, if you want to know anything about Leeds, ask away.

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Guest AlexMack

Thanks, guys!


@AmyRichmond, I live in Kentucky. To be honest though, I don't use "howdy" much in my day-to-day life. I just wanted to say something other than "hey".


Leeds certainly looks beautiful! Whenever I think of Leeds, I remember how much confusion it caused me at one point. I always assumed that Leeds Castle was in Leeds. It took me a few years to realize that wasn't the case. (Random story, I know.)


I'm sure I have questions about Leeds but I'm coming up blank right now. Don't be surprised if I randomly hit you up later for some information! If you have any questions about Kentucky, I'm right here.

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