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Favorite movie/series soundtrack


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For me, a successful soundtrack is a song which can revive my specific or general memories of a series. There are many great soundtracks, but not many can evoke so much emotion just by listening to it.


I'll start with this one:

The lyrics are not so grand or very in tune with the movie, but I always remember the magic and the struggle of an apprentice when I hear this song. I guess the song matches the fantasy, mythical image of the movie, and that's why it brings back memories.

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I think "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" has an amazing soundtrack. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one because I remember that being really popular way back when. My favorite is probably "Project X" though. I don't even usually like rap music but for some reason, that soundtrack just gets to me. It makes me want to party, which was their intention.
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