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Another Superstar Shake-Up after SummerSlam?


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Yes, rumors and reports on the dirt sheets (most notably PWInsider and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter) have been saying that WWE is planning to do another Superstar Shake-Up after SummerSlam. This is a bit surprising to me considering they just did a Superstar Shake-Up in April but what I think is the most interesting about this rumored Superstar Shake-Up is that, this time, the Shake-Up will also involve Superstars from the main roster getting sent to NXT. I do agree that it might be a little bit too soon for another Shake-Up but if it means WWE correcting some of their mistakes from the first one, I'm all for it.


Credit: WrestlingInc.com

While it might seem early for another Shakeup, The Observer notes that there is definitely talk of making a few roster moves in the fall. There has also been talk of sending one or more Superstars from the main roster to WWE NXT. The moves from the main roster to NXT would be for talents that were major stars in NXT that Vince McMahon simply is not going to push on RAW or SmackDown, even if they are over, or talents who are doing nothing on the main roster with the feeling that they could be more useful as top stars in NXT.


This could honestly be a good idea for some of the main roster talent to move to NXT. If this report is accurate, then they would only be sending former NXT stars back to NXT but, even then, that covers a lot of the current main roster talent.


When I think of guys that could benefit from being sent to NXT (as well as NXT benefiting from having them), I think of Dolph Ziggler. Yes, Dolph is not a former NXT talent but when you talk about guys on the main roster that Vince isn't doing anything with, Dolph definitely fits into that category.


Enzo Amore is another one I could see getting sent back to NXT for a while. There's no doubt that WWE doesn't seem to have a plan for Enzo right now (with the exception of getting beat up by Big Cass) so maybe sending Enzo back to NXT could be beneficial to him or the rest of the NXT roster.


Other names that come to mind for moving to NXT would be: Chad Gable, Bo Dallas, Mojo Rawley, Nia Jax, Emma, Bayley, Dana Brooke, Lana, Curt Hawkins, Kalisto, Erick Rowan, Tye Dillinger, and Sin Cara. Some of these individuals seem like they could benefit from some time in NXT while others are being badly booked or not booked at all on the main roster.


As far as main roster swaps between RAW and SmackDown LIVE, I wouldn't mind seeing Bray Wyatt put back on SmackDown as I feel like he was used a lot more properly on SmackDown than he has been on RAW. I also wouldn't mind seeing them put Sasha Banks on SmackDown LIVE (like they should have done in the first Superstar Shake-Up, in my opinion) to help fill out their women's division. Samoa Joe, Elias, Finn Balor, & Big Cass could also benefit from moving to SmackDown LIVE.


As far as going from SmackDown LIVE to RAW goes, moving Randy Orton, either Erick Rowan or Luke Harper, and, I don't know, Mike & Maria, I guess? I'm not as sure about this one since moving talent from SmackDown to RAW seems more like a punishment than anything.


In any case, who would you like to see shifted around in the Superstar Shake-Up?

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Sending talent back down to NXT? Awesome idea. Plenty of Team NXT vs Team WWE ideas there for a Takeover maybe around Survivor Series?


I am hating all this changing. I mean to everything. New programmes coming out, talent changes... Just get a good formula and keep it. Back in 2000's when we had one draft a year but for the rest of the year RAW and SD hated each other. It seems at the moment the only issues are with Bryan/Shane, they often say how they want to beat RAW but Angle doesn't mention it. They should be constantly building to a SD vs RAW at Survivor series. But all this swapping and changing of talent from one show to another - it doesn't do a massive lot of good for anybody apart from the odd couple who do get something good from it. But to other (example: Miz) it doesn't do a lot.

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If you look at the NXT roster, they lack some main event faces and heels. Bobby Roode has gone through most of the faces and there aren't that many heels apart from him and Eric Young. The tag team scene down there is a bit weak as well. I can see this being a positive thing for NXT.
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