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WWE RAW Discussion Thread - July 10, 2017 from Houston, TX (#1259)


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United States: LIVE, Monday Night, July 10, at 8/7c on the USA Network

United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, July 11, at 1AM on Sky Sports 5



Toyota Center in Houston, TX


Confirmed Matches/Events


Great Balls of Fire Fallout

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I thought TNA owed the rights or do you think WWE would have made a deal with them for the gimmick?


I loved the Reigns/Joe/Lesnar confrontation - you know Strowman will be involved there somewhere too. Maybe end up doing a 4-way match for SummerSlam?


Anyone got any suggestions for what Angle's big revelation will be next week?


This is kinda childish but I laughed out loud when Alicia told Cedric he had a booger in his nose (during that little confrontation on the outside with Noam and her) and then you see him wiping it as he's getting back in the ring. I really do love Alicia :lovesign:

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