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WWE RAW Discussion Thread - January 30, 2017 from Laredo, TX (#1236)


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Its not known yet exactly how reinjured he is and won't be until his medical later this week
The prognosis is that Seth will be out for around 8wks, which takes him to WrestleMania weekend, so he might just make it.


If they need a replacement (and Triple H is insisting he has a match on the show), they could always give it to Joe and have Triple H express a little remorse, saying he only wanted Joe to soften him up, not take him out.


Of course, this does create a mite of an issue because Joe was brought up explicitly to be Hunter's heavy in this scenario, so I'd proffer that they take a page out of the Cyrus Grissom / Diamond Dog relationship if they (on screen) question why Joe turns on HHH.


It’s a means to an end, my white friend. A means to an end. See, I’s can play house n***er tills we get to where we’re goin’. And then, the Day of the Dog begins.

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My thoughts are similar but not the same. Have Hunter and Steph brag how they brought Joe up just to take out Seth again but play down Joes role in actually doing the damage. Instead insist it was their smart idea that was good and anybody could have done the dirty deed.


Joe would take this slight personally and turn on Steph and HHH .


When Seth inevitably comes back and confronts SJ Joe will say like you said DC. That being it was a means to an end of getting to the main roster and nothing personal.


Well none of that is needed if Seth can make WM but how to build up the story if Seth can't appear for 7 to 8 weeks. Not much good just appearing at WM with little to no build.

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