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WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Discussion Thread - January 29, 2017 from San Antonio, TX (#30)


Who's winning the 2017 Royal Rumble Match?  

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  1. 1. Who's winning the 2017 Royal Rumble Match?

    • Baron Corbin
    • Braun Strowman
    • Bray Wyatt
    • Brock Lesnar
    • Chris Jericho
    • Goldberg
    • John Cena
    • Seth Rollins
    • The Undertaker
    • Other

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I am really looking forward to the Rumble match. I have no idea on who will win. Usually we have a good inkling on who will win. I could see Undertaker winning especially if Cena wins the WWE Title. I am counting down the hours until it starts
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Well with the build over and match day being here let's take a look at the entire announced roster and potential winners.


Goldberg is not winning he and Brock dump each other.


Brock Lesnar see Goldberg


Kofi Kingston, Big E, Xavier Woods are there to do spots, particularly Kofis annual big spot. None will win.


Braun Strowman extreme outside chance of winning but definitely a chance. Would not surprise me at all to see him pushed to the moon around WM season.


Chris Jericho two weeks ago I predicted he would win and face KO at WM for the World belt. Now I see KO losing and their WM match for the US strap instead. So Jericho probably won't win.


Baron Corbin is there to fill a spot


Undertaker has a chance to be picked as the winner.


Dean Ambrose has a chance as well but I don't think its his year.


The Miz I actually think is in the running as I think he's facing Super Shane at WM. Could he win the rumble and somehow lose his WM title opportunity due to Shane?


Dolph Ziggler nope there to job.


Sheamus and Cesaro highly unlikely


Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper nope inter group fighting will cost them.


Big Show doubt it another big guy like Goldberg will out him


Sami Zayn zero chance.

Big Cass -zero chance


Rusev Not a hope in hell


Mojo Rawley Isn't happening.


Who are the other 8 guys and could they win? Maybe yes maybe no.


I can see some of...


Seth Rollins finds a way to enter and might win


Pyscho Sid cameo. Yeah I can see this (he was champion last rumble in this arena.) He wouldn't win of course.


Samoa Joe could enter and might even win.


HHH could enter probably won't win.


Kurt Angle going in the HOF could enter doubt he would win.


KO/Cena/AJ/Reigns I could see 1 or both losers entering and winning.


I can also see 1 to 3 of the Women entering but not winning. Not sure which they would pick but I can see it. Would they pull the ultimate swerve and have the first ever Woman's rumble winner. Not happening but it would be an unexpected move if they had the brass ones to try it.

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Rumor is that we will get a Bray Wyatt title win at EC and then it will be Bray v Orton at Mania for the WWE Heavyweight Championship.


Which is both good and bad at the same time because it means Bray gets a title win but it also means we get Orton in another WM title match, which at this point has been done to death.


Opens up a lot of possible matches at Mania though for the rest of the roster, something I might post about later.

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I understand why WWE (misguidedly) do it, but it's still bullshit that they completely job out all their full time guys to bunch of aging part timers. Goldberg, Brock, and Taker just made the entirety of the WWE roster look like they are in no way any competition for them whatsoever.


If the projected Goldberg/Owens match goes ahead at Fast Lane, then I'm assuming Goldberg wins the Universal Title to take that into the match versus Brock at Mania, but what then? They've made the roster look like nobody can stand up to either of those guys, so what do they do about getting the title back off them afterwards?


Braun, maybe?


But still, it's shit that WWE still refuse to use the older guys to make stars of the new guys. Well, except for them still throwing everything behind Reigns, and putting him seemingly into a Mania program with Undertaker. I just feel like there are guys that could benefit from being made to look good against folks like Goldberg or Brock.

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Actually Roman coming out at no 30 was the perfect move if Orton was winning. They will absolutely cheer Orton dumping Roman. Now imagine Joe was 30 and lost. Or imagine Taker was last dumped by Orton. Or Zayn had lasted until the final 2 and lost. No the only way the fans were not shitting all over Orton winning was reigns as no 30.


That said the last 10 or 15 minutes of the rumble ruined what had being up to then a good PPV. Once Enzo came out at 27 and 2 of the remaining 3 were already advertised I knew it was all downhill.

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WWE need to have a serious think about how they book their rumbles. The last few have been a case of having a great first half that fizzles out to a shitty finish.


I'd seriously consider having a completely left field winner next year and taking a punt on making stars rather than relying on a bunch of guys who just won't be there much longer, or have already had their chance.


In fact, next year desperately needs to go to someone like Braun or Joe, or hell, even Big Cass if he floats Vince's boat as much as the rumours make out. They need a new beast instead of having to throw armfuls of cash at guys like Brock or Goldberg, and having someone put on a massively dominant showing in the rumble sounds like a good way to do it.

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Right so looking at the results of the Rumble and then last night's Raw this in my mind would be the ideal Mania card they could come up with given the current situation...


Goldberg v Brock - no titles on the line just those two going at it for the final time and Brock gets his win back because 50/50 booking


Taker v Cena - Cena gets eliminated from the EC match by Taker, Cena flips out and returns to the ring and attacks Taker allowing Bray to get the win and the title. Cena goes heel, we get the match that should gain take place with no title on the line, which then leads to...


Bray v Orton - WWE Title - They do the old idea of Orton having a choice of Smackdown or Raw title, Bray wants him to go for the Universal title so the Wyatt's can rule the world, Orton then in the middle of making his choice does the old Batista swerve, attacks Bray and then it turns out that Orton knew he couldn't beat the family, he could only take them apart piece by piece from the inside until finally there was just him and Bray, all alone and now he will get his revenge...


Owens v Jericho - Universal title. This should write itself by now, we all know this match needs to happen and I hope it happens for the title. It would be cool if Owens costs Jericho the US title in the build up which could lead to...


Reigns v Braun - US Title. Reigns picks up the strap in the fall out of the Jeri-KO break up. Braun cost him the title, he cost Braun the title, its gonna happen, might as well get a belt involved as well to spice it up a little bit.


Ambrose v Styles - IC Title. Ambrose has no one to fight, Styles will not get a title run so soon after dropping it to Cena so they might as well put these two in the ring and give them 15 minutes at Mania to put on a damn good match over the IC title.


HHH v Rollins - We'll get Joe v Rollins at Fastlane, which should hopefully lead to the pay off of this storyline with these two fighting it out a Mania.


The Miz v Daniel Bryan - Probably won't happen, I hope it does and Daniel gets that last proper match in the WWE he never was allowed to have. It's NXT mentor v NXT student, they have a long and storied history and it just makes sense even more after that Talking Smack incident last year. Vince, make it happen!


Bayley v Charlotte v Sasha v Nia Jaxx - It's going to happen seen as they have burnt through Sasha and Bayley v Charlotte they throw Nia in the mix and give it the old multi-person match dynamic to try and freshen it up


Becky Lynch v Alexa Bliss v Naomi v Mickie James - Mickie will help screw over Naomi at EC, then we'll get the same situation as above


Shaq v Big Show - Already decided so it's going down barring one of them getting injured.


As for the tag belts who knows, probably they will tuck them away on the pre-show with the Andre Battle Royal

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