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Hoziers - Take Me To Church

Not a fan on the start, his voice works better once he starts to really belt them out rather than gently sing. But yeah, good song. It's the sort of thing I'd listen to while driving. Its about 40 seconds too long though. 7/10


Delta Rae - Bottom Of The River

SOUL! How the hell have I not heard it before? I love the voice, the music, the video. Yeah an easy 10/10



If I Had A Million Dollars - Bare Naked Ladies

Its... there. Its OK, but tries a bit hard to be funny and cute. Far too long for what its aiming for. 5/10

Gareth Malone, The Choir for the Invictus Games - Flesh and Blood


I cant fault the singing, but the song is just boring. Its like being at a church wedding and hearing a hundred people singing some hymn or other. Sounds OK, but its dull. 3/10

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