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Who should NXT sign next


Who should NXT sign next?  

9 members have voted

  1. 1. Who should NXT sign next?

    • Kenny Omega
    • Tetsuya Naito
    • Jay Lethal
    • Ricochet/ Prince Puma
    • ACH
    • Michael Elgin
    • Brian Cage
    • Zack Sabre Jr
    • Bobby Roode
    • Other (Please comment, but read about how I chose wrestlers first)

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This is a poll asking which wrestler WWE should sign next.


First of all I'm going to tell you how i chose the wrestlers. People who have appeared on NXT/WWE TV before aren't included, but people who have been in WWE developmental and didn't make it to TV are. I might do a poll on former WWE wrestlers that WWE should sign back.


I also haven't included those who have said they aren't interested in going to WWE, such as Adam Cole, Rodrick Strong or either of the Briscoes.


Tag teams aren't involved, I'll probably make a poll on tag teams WWE should sign in the future.


NJPW'S top stars, Okada, Tanahashi and Hirooki Goto, have been left out because I believe they're better off where they are, however I've included a few NJPW wrestlers who I think can shine in WWE.


Finally, I've only considered wrestlers from NJPW, TNA, ROH, Lucha Underground, Evolve and PWG because they're the only companies I've ever really watched. If you think I should watch other companies that have great possible signees in them, let me know.


Ok, so here's why I think each of these wrestlers will do well in WWE, in note form cause otherwise I'd take ages. It's quite a long post just to warn you.


Kenny Omega- NJPW

Wrestling ability: Has put on consistently great matches in NJPW Junior Heavyweight division when he held and challenged for the title, has an explosive style which uses a combination of high flying and power moves, very strong for his size. Displays his character in matches.

Character/Promo skills: Very eccentric, entertaining character, refers to himself as the cleaner of NJPW, delivers entertaining promos, convincing leader of the Bullet Club

Look: Average sized, but very muscular and defined

Possible weaknesses in WWE: Style is quite dangerous, definitely won't be allowed to use finisher, The One-Winged Angel (Look it up)

Tetsuya Naito- NJPW

Wrestling ability: Displays his heelish character brilliantly in matches, Has had brilliant big-time matches against likes of Tanahashi, Styles and Shibata, a lot of his best work is during tournaments.Has a unique high flying style, but it's not particularly risky which is good for WWE.

Character/Promo skills: Works VERY well as a heel, convincingly acts like an a**hole every chance he gets with moves such as attacking the ref and spitting in people's faces. Very good body language. Can't comment on promo skills because he speaks in Japanese, obviously.

Look: Average size and average body shape, cool hair though

Possible Weaknesses in WWE: language barrier, unimpressive look


Jay Lethal- ROH

Wrestling ability: Has made every ROH world title match he's involved in great, makes opponent look good, uses his heelish character in matches with a methodical,ring- general like style with the occasional high flying move. Technically sound in the ring.

Character/Promo Skills: Works best as a heel, has presence of someone with a huge ego through his body language, has a manager that does most of the talking for him but he jumps in occasionally to talk effectively.

Look: Average Size, great cardiovascular definition

Possible weaknesses in WWE: might need manager as he's most effective with one


Ricochet/Prince Puma- NJPW, Lucha Underground, PWG

Wrestling ability: Consistently exciting matches with likes of John Morrison, Mil Muertes and KUSHIDA, one of the best pure high flyers in the world, wrestles very fast pace but not without a sense of ring psychology. Creative offense, uses big spots

Character/Promo Skill: Has a fun and likeable brash character as Ricochet, more of a warrior-like character as Prince Puma on Lucha Underground though. Isn't great on the mic, had Konnan as manager to speak for him in LU.

Look: Small but absolutely shredded

Possible Weakness in WWE: not brilliant promo skills, might have to tone down offence, probably won't be able to use finisher (630 splash)



Wrestling ability: Exciting matches with top stars such as AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Alberto Del Rio. Very innovative high flying style, smooth wrestling, in ring charisma very evident and shows emotion in the ring effectively

Character/Promo Skill: Has a very likeable, passionate, fun and almost cocky character, very easy to support, hasn't had much experience on the mic, his promos are energetic but slightly generic.

Look: Small but muscular and defined

Possible Weakness in WWE: generic mic skills


Michael Elgin- ROH, NJPW

Wrestling Ability: has had great, physical matches with people like Adam Cole, Tommaso Ciampa and Jay Briscoe, extremely strong, works bruiser style with strong strikes and power moves, but surprisingly agile. Good sense of ring psychology, shows determined character

Character/Promo Skill: Doesn't have a lot of character outside the ring but shows a very determined, passionate character inside it. Uses this to his advantage when he has to talk as he makes it clear he wants to be the best, but he's not very confident on the mic.

Look: Short but has impressive,strong physique (think of Taz in the ECW days but slightly bigger)

Possible Weakness in WWE: Lack of confidence and ability on the mic


Brian Cage- Lucha Underground, PWG

Wrestling ability: Has had good matches with likes of Prince Puma, Chris Hero and does well in multi-man matches, Powerhouse move set but uses shocking high flying moves for his size such as springboard moonsaults, extremely strong and surprisingly fast, quite innovative

Character/Promo Skill: Very cocky, brash character, quite hatable as a heel, doesn't talk on mic much but doesn't seem bad from what I've seen.

Look: Tall, most impressive physique on the indies- very big but yet absolutely shredded, doesn't have big belly of most people his size.

Possible Weakness in WWE: Ring psychology needs working on.


Zack Sabre Jr- PWG, Evolve (most famous for NOAH but I don't watch it yet)

Wrestling ability: Only matches of his I've seen (vs Roderick Strong and vs Chris Hero) were match of the year candidates, flawless technical ability, uses a lot of mat wrestling and submissions, matches can be quite brutal as he attacks limbs brilliantly

Character/Promo Skill: Seems to have quite a brash element to his character, I've only seen one promo of his and it's very confidently delivered and entertaining, this brashness turns to sheer determination in the ring though which gives more depth to his character

Look: Tall, but very lanky

Possible Weakness in WWE: might be forced to use less submission-based offence to fit in with WWE style, might need to put on some weight to combat his lankiness.

Bobby Roode- TNA

Wrestling Ability: Has too many amazing matches to list, examples would be against MCMG with Beer Money and against the like of James Storm, Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries as a singles wrestler.

Excellent ring psychology, uses a brawling ring style with a lot of power moves and can be technical as well

Character/Promo Skill: can be excellent as a heel who acts like a coward to p*ss off the fans but at the end of the day is a threat, his first TNA world title run is an example of this. Can work as a face as well, as seen in recent years. Pulls off believable promos very well.

Look: Tall and big with a ripped physique- looked better with long hair though.

Possible Weakness in WWE: His age is the major issue with him being 39 years old. However, we did see AJ Styles brought in aged 38.


I'm voting for Bobby Roode, as although he is nearly 40 years old,he doesn't wrestle like it and I think he is all around the most suited to WWE's environment out of these 9 amazing talents. He could even stay in NXT and make the younger superstars look good if WWE didn't want to push him.


So that's my rundown of the wrestlers involved. This took far too long to write lol.

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I'd mark out like a little girl to see Kenny Omega in NXT where he stands a chance of being able to retain a large amount of his character, and I'd love to see ZSJ get a shot as well (although rumour has it that Zack Sabre Jr. is gonna be a part of the cruiserweight tournament this summer, so fingers crossed).


I know it's not gonna happen, but I'd like to see EC3 get another shot in the WWE, although he's at a point now where he could probably bypass NXT altogether, I think NXT would be the place that would showcase what he's learnt in the years since Derrick Bateman.


If Kenny Omega was to come in, then they should be all over bringing in the Bucks too, and just using them as The Elite on NXT.


Is it too late to get the recently reformed MCMG in to work with the newer tag teams like American Alpha? That could lead to some great tag matches with the division they've already got?


Since we haven't mentioned any ladies yet, I'll throw Kaylee Ray out there as my suggestion. I don't think I've ever seen her have a bad match, and she'd slot right in to the NXT women's division.


There's quite a few UK guys who should be being looked at right now, even if it's just to fill out the brackets for the Cruiserweight tournament. Guys like Jimmy Havoc, Will Ospreay, and a few others should be at least being brought in conversation and scouting reports. There's an even greater number of guys who probably need another year or two on the indie circuit, but could quite easily be recruited somewhere down the line.

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I'd love to see Noam Dar be given a shot if he can tone down the accent a little! :)


I can't see Havoc cutting it for WWE either in terms of the PG rating and his general look (both of which I think are fine by the way, I'm a massive Havoc mark).


I'd love to see Big Damo or Dave Mastiff given a shot in NXT as well given how well they move for big guys.

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Guys like Big Dave and Damo do nout for me. Cant seem to get into these big guys whatsoever. Hard to explain, but whenever there on I'm just really not interested at all.


However I am right there with you front and centre on Havoc and Noam, both have become to of my absolute favs. Especially Jimmy. When I first got into ICW I wasn't that sure about him and he quickly changed that around in the last couple of years with his heel turn, his Progress run and the ultimately his comeback as a babyface for ICW. All great stuff, I marked like a bitch watching online when his new music for ICW hit and he returned at the London show. Should have been there.


As for Noam, he's just really, really great at wrestling. Simple as that really. Could watch him all day and anyone who knows me knows I'm about the furthest from a "workratez" guy as you can get.


Another guy who I would love to see in the Cruiser thing or NXT is BT Gunn. A bit like Noam, I could just watch him wrestle forever. Book Noam vs. BT in a long running feud and I'd wet myself.

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Big damo for me he is such a great big guy, Noam dar would be good but he's still really young and should maybe hang about the indies for a bit to learn more, Kay lee Ray is great too and I'm pretty sure she's already had a match in NXT against Nia Jax?
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Yeah Kaylee has worked NXT before. She's been over in Japan recently too.


Noam has been at it so long and is so good that while continuing to gain more and more experience around the world would no doubt do him good, I think you could stick him in anywhere, be it NXT or wherever and he would do well. Seems to me like the perfect fit for the Cruiserweight tournament.

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I wrote a whole post about who I'd like to see in NXT, and I didn't mention TOMMY F*CKING END!!


I'm such a bad fan.


But yeah, now my memory has reminded me to mention him, Tommy End should be there. Good God should Tommy End be there. I love his character, I love his ring work, I love when he looks like he's kicked or kneed someone's head off. Tommy End in NXT working his current Indy gimmick could be special.

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Most of these guys I'm reading about are names I've heard good things about but never seen wrestle. i've been meaning to look into the UK indie scene for a while, only companies i've really heard of are ICW, RPW and Revolution Pro. I know NJPW did an event with RPW that I'll probably check out soon, I've seen highlights from the Nakamura vs Sabre Jr match and I'll definitely have to see that in full. I believe guys like Finn Balor, Drew Galloway and Sheamus spent a lot of time in the UK indie scene as well. If you guys could tell me what sites I could find some of these companies' events in I'd appreciate it.


Also, I've seen Tommy End wrestle myself a few times. His kicks are incredible and his matches are believable which i like. The best one of his I've seen is his match with Chris Hero in PWG last year, which was f*cking incredible. I considered putting him on this list but i don't feel I've seen enough of his work compared to the others on the poll, and I know that sounds hypocritical seeing as I said I've only seen two Sabre Jr matches and included him but I can already tell from those two that he's a star in the making.

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Shame Jimmy Havoc is out for a while with a knee injury isn't he?


But yeah I'd quite happily see a few UK guys make the break. UK promotions with Progress, ICW, RPW, PCW and I'd add wXw as the biggest on mainland Europe are booming right now. They are the places to go right now, I'm quite glad I can get to see fly-ins come in for shows in Hamburg and Oberhausen and I'll be making the trip over to London in three weeks time to catch some ICW action.


I totally concur with Tommy End, he is the best in Europe right now. His kicks and knee strikes are the shit! I'm such a mark and such a mark for Michael Dante too. He hasn't shone as a singles wrestler but when he's tagging with End in the Sumerian Death Squad, then shit hit's the fan. The throwing forward-suplex into a powerslam double team move is just plain destruction.

On the subject of if Tommy End would tone his aresnal down in NXT, possibly but Tommy is quite clean with his kicks. Chris Hero was and is the closest to a striking move-set like Tommy but he didn't get much chance before he was released. That was of course before the age of NXT becoming what it has become now.


If anyone is down with the catch-as-catch-can style ala Billy Robinson and Johnny Saint - and I agree it isn't everybodies cup of tea - then look no further than Zack Sabre Jr. But of course, you do look further and see Timothy Thatcher. He's the defintion of man, go look it up.


I'll finish this post with this off.

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Marty F**king Scurll


No Contest


Although I'd love Omega, he's turned down developmental deals at least 3-4 times since he got his release a few years back.


I'd also love to see Roderick Strong or Adam Cole get the call for NXT.

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Unless ReDragon were bought in strong from the get go, I could see them getting kinda lost in the shuffle with the other teams in the NXT tag division.


That's not to say they shouldn't give them a go, there's just a lot of competition to make some waves in the tag division, so it wouldn't be easy going for them.

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ReDragon would be awesome but like I said in the big piece of writing that nobody probably read, I haven't included tag teams in this poll but will do a tag team one in the near future. I also want to do one for ex WWE talents that should return. Seeing John Morrison or Chris Hero come back would make me very happy, imagine the match possibilities!
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Kenny Omega is great but Ricochet puts on 5 star matches every time and the things he does in and outside the ring are mind blowing.
Ricochet won't even entertain the idea until he is done with Lucha Underground.
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Gallows and Anderson are going to be incredible but rumour has it that they will be going straight to the main roster. I'd rather see them debut in NXT and give their tag team division a boost before they get promoted. However, going straight to Raw could point towards Balor debuting with them and starting up the Balor club.
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