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Pep confirmed for Man City


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Most open secret in football but I cannot deny I am not excited. Never been a Pep fan but he's as close to a bonafide star in the managerial game as you are going to get and to have him in my favourite league in the world is exciting. I also think it will create a fun summer as he is sure to have a strong budget to play with to bring his own guys in, which could have knock on effects all down the chain. Fun times ahead.


Just Simione to Chelsea and Jose to United and we have a few dream duels right there.

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So bored of this on the BBC now, a guy who inherited the best teams in the world and shock horror he won things, but in munch's case not as much as the buy before.


To me he is still unproven with a team which isn't the best in the world and when you look at quality managers like Jlopp who lets put it this way isn't setting the prem alight i think this is more of a risk than City believe, heck look at united on paper LVG should have been the answer to our prays now look at us

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City claim to have done this to ensure they go to the next level in Europe - they are trying to Barcelona their academy, coaching and management set up but they are neglecting the one thing that made Barca and Pep what he is - the talent at his disposal.


Pep had the chance to manage a once in a life time group of home grown talent that all matured at the same time in Messi, Puyol, Xavi, Ineista, Sergi, Pedro and Valdes on top of the money that was provided to buy Villa, Henry, Pique, Alves and Alba. Pep was able to harness the best out of a remarkable squad, but at City he doesn't have that squad.


Does he inherit the best squad in the Premier League? On paper yes he will but Kompany is injury plagued, Yaya will leave in the summer (he and Pep don't get on and Pep sold him from Barca), Silva is not at his best and they have no real back up for Aguero.


You look at Barca and the reason they are currently winning everything again under a different coach is the fact that have retained most of the squad that Pep had and bolted on expensive parts for those players that have retired/gone past their prime/moved on. Rakatic for Xavi, Neymar for Villa, Suarez for Pedro - they have the best front three in the world and then you have Real, with James, Isco, Bale, Ronaldo, Benzema, Modric, Kroos and so on and so on.


You look at those players who play in a better climate, more lack tax laws (when they remember to pay them) and already in sides that are competing at the very top of the CL and La Liga and you have to say City won't be able to pry them away or enough of them to make a dent in those two.


Then with Atletico and Juve you have sides with some talented individuals but it is the team ethic, the shape and the belief in the team that makes them so hard to beat - Juve lost Pirlo and Tevez in the summer and after a rocky start are now back near the top of the league and still in the knockout stages of the CL. Can you see City's team of mercenaries doing that? As soon as things do not go their way the heads drop and the spirit is not there and I don't think Pep can change that, he is a tactician not a man manager as evidenced by some of the issues he has had in Munich who have regressed since he took over despite the stellar talent they have at their disposal.


In the end all of they have done at City is crap all over a nice and decent man in Pellegrini who has brought them titles, he has brought them cups and has got them into the knock out stages of the CL. They are chasing four throphies right now and they have still replaced him - that is sickening. That should be rewarded with time, patience and the resources to build a better CL challenge the year after that and the year after that not stabbed in the back and replaced by the newest hot thing.


Roman tried that after he got rid of Jose and it got him nowhere.

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