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WWE Hall of Fame 2016 Discussion Thread - April 2, 2016 from Dallas, TX


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Are they not doing the Warrior Award this year?


They are. It's going to a breast cancer survivor named Joan Lunden.


Credit: Wrestling-Online.com

WWE today announced that the second recipient of the Warrior Award is Joan Lunden and the award will be given to her during the Hall of Fame ceremony this Saturday.


Lunden is an award-winning journalist, best-selling author and breast cancer survivor. She is the TODAY show special correspondent. In June 2014, Lunden was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, which required chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. She decided to take her cancer battle public helping many along the way.


Calling it truly humbling to receive the award, Lunden said, “After being diagnosed with cancer, my first thought was to survive, but soon after, I changed my focus from my cancer to the fight against cancer and my life took on a whole new purpose. WWE has welcomed me into their family, offering me warmth and support, as have so many of the WWE fans from around the world. It is a privilege to receive this honor.”


Dana Warrior added that Joan embodies everything that this award was meant to capture. “She is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the quintessential Warrior woman. It will be an honor to recognize her at this year’s WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony,” Dana said.


Last year WWE honored the late Conor Michalek with the first Warrior Award.


On a personal note, this induction is very close to my heart since my mom was also diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer a little over two years ago. Unlike Lunden, my mom is still very much suffering from the illness.

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I normally love the HOF but this years apart from Sting is just meh, are they running out of people or does no one this year want to be in it. Not sure about this line up at all. The three below I will check out on youtube but am not going to watch this year.

Sting (1/11/16)- To Be Inducted by Ric Flair

The Fabulous Freebirds (2/29/16)- To Be Inducted by The New Day

Jacqueline (3/14/16)- To Be Inducted by The Dudley Boyz

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I get the freebirds but have never been a fan of Big Bossman I never saw him as a big star or as someone who did a lot for the company, maybe I am wrong I don't know he to me just never really stood out he was just middle of the pack. as for Stan Hansen I am probably just someone who never followed him but I can not think of a stand out match. I don't really remember him.
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Apart from Sting there is no stand out Star quality in other years there were many stars available for the undercard that sometimes threatened to take away from the main event this year there is no one. Notable names missing from HOF who could have gone in not necessarily this year as Vince would take away from Sting but Vince needs to go in before he dies. The Rock could have gone in although he would take away from Sting as well. Paul Heyman would be good also not sure if he is in but could induct Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy Smith and Owen Hart at the same time.
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