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I think they have done a great job with apocalypse after the backlash of the leaked pics. The trailer looks awesome. Who do we think the horsemen will be? From the trailer it looks like angel and storm but also maybe xavier and magneto.
They've already been announced.






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This is fantastic - The Ages of Apocalypse




The sinking of Atlantis; 20,000 - 40,000 deceased



1200 BC: The Decline of the Mycenaeans; 225,000 deceased


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Saw this the other day. I wanted to love it so much, especially after DoFP, but it just did not vibe with me. It felt like the opposite of Civil War where we had all of these characters being crammed into the story, except unlike Civil War, they hadn't earned the...not right, but I'd say ability, to tell that story. We needed much more about Storm, Psylocke, Jean, Cyclops, etc, if we were to care about their roles in the story. For what it's worth, I thought the stuff with Storm during her introduction was superb, and then she didn't speak for 90 minutes. It felt overstuffed, in the very typical negative way.


It certainly had its moments, but I totally get where the general consensus is coming from review-wise.

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I think Civil War worked because most of the characters were well known already or were given fundamentally understandable motivation.


If Civil War had come as the third film in the series (instead of Iron Man 2), introducing everyone from Thor and Cap to Ant Man, it would have had similar problems. I'm discounting the previous x-men films here, because while they're kind of linked, First Class was basically a reboot.

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