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2016 PDC World Darts Championship


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So this kicks off today and boy oh boy, am I excited for this.


Here are the Prelims and the 1st Round matches


Thursday 17th December


Andy Boulton - Per Laursen (Prelim)

Jamie Lewis - Daryl Gurney

Peter Wright - Keegan Brown

Gary Anderson - Boulton / Laursen


Friday 18th December


Qiang Sun - Mick McGowan (Prelim)

John Henderson - Darren Webster

Justin Pipe - Christian Kist

Mark Webster - Sun / McGowan


Thanawat Gaweenuntawong - Rene Eidams (Prelim)

Brendan Dolan - Kyle Anderson

Kim Huybrechts - David Pallett

Michael van Gerwen - Gaweenuntawong / Eidams


Saturday 19th December


Kim Viljanen - Sven Groen (Prelim)

Steve Beaton - Koha Kokiri

Ian White - Dimitri Van den Bergh

Kevin Painter - Viljanen / Groen


Keita Ono - Alex Tagarao (Prelim)

Simon Whitlock - Ricky Evans

Vincent van der Voort - Laurence Ryder

Phil Taylor - Ono / Tagarao


Sunday 20th December


Michael Rasztovits - Rob Szabo (Prelim)

Andy Hamilton - Joe Murnan

Mensur Suljovic - Jermaine Wattimena

Jamie Caven - Rasztovits / Szabo


Aleksandr Oreshkin - Paul Lim (Prelim)

Stephen Bunting - Jyhan Artut

Raymond van Barneveld - Dirk van Duijvenbode

Mervyn King - Oreshkin / Lim


Monday 21st December


Warrick Scheffer - John Michael (Prelim)

Robert Thornton - Alan Norris

Michael Smith - Jeffrey De Zwaan

James Wade - Scheffer / Michael


Tuesday 22nd December


Dean Winstanley - Ronny Huybrechts

Wes Newton - Cristo Reyes

Dave Chisnall - Rowby-John Rodriguez

Terry Jenkins - Darin Young

Wednesday 23rd December


Andrew Gilding - Gerwyn Price

Benito van de Pas - Max Hopp

Adrian Lewis - Jan Dekker

Jelle Klaasen - Joe Cullen


Odds on favourite to win? Obvious choice is MVG but I'm interested in seeing how Phil Taylor fares off, he hasn't won anything this year, so he might bring it all? Not sure Anderson can retain, Chizzy is a dark horse.



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Anyone like Taylor @ 9/2, crazy price for the greatest of all time!!


On it like a car bonnet my friend. And given the scare MVG had the other night against a nobody, I'm feeling quite happy with my choice.


Not a Taylor fan at all but when it comes down to cold hard cash I'll sell my soul :lol


Hopefully he comes out playing nicely tonight. First round, dont need to see him setting the world on fire, just as long as he looks comfortable with his game and gets the job done in strss free fashion.

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This has been a long afternoon Session but Hamilton is also out! The top 32 is really taking a good hit, the wind of younger players coming from behind is going to shake the whole order of merit.


Dolan out, White out, Huybrechts out, Hamilton out, Whitlock out, Pipe out. They're not bringing their A-Game any more at this time in their careers. A better Part of that, I wouldn't miss.

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Simply one of the best Darts matches I have ever seen. Barney/MVG, outstanding quality from start to finish, emotional drama, tension. It had everything, including the underdog hulking up and coming out on top. Unbelievable. I though Barney had a better chance than the bookies gave him, but I still thought he would ultimately lose on the line to the top dog. Absolutely delighted for him.


Aidy and Gary playing some nice stuff too. Aidy looks better this year than he has for a while. I've backed Taylor so I'm thrilled MVG has gone, but he's gonna need to pick it up a bit if he is gonna be those guys. Looks wide open now. Gary vs Wade in the quarters looks the tie of the round.

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My thoughts exactly, that was top drama and I loved every minute of it.

Though I feel that was Barney's moment, Smith is going to give him a hard time.


The matches and potential matches are so exciting. Got a feeling Taylor's going home tonight..


And Wright vs. Chizzy right now looks to be a cracker.

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Likewise Laff, my bet is now also down the drain. I'm not too fussed though because there is always something pretty satisfying about seeing Taylor booted home early. I was mighty impressed by Jelle in those last couple of legs, I didn't think he had that kind of bottle in him. I thought he'd cave.


Wright/Chizzy was another cracker. Never been a fan of Dave but he is very slowly starting to win me over by playing some great darts. Wright is consistent as they come though, and I think that is what ultimately seen him through. Nothing too flashy with Snakebite, just solid, consistent, top level darts.


Tournament wide open now though. Gary, Aidy, Barney, Snakebite, Wadey. Who wants it the most? The best thing about this tournament for me is I'm a big fan of pretty much all of those guys, so I'll be quite happy whoever wins. As long as it isn't Alan Norris :lol

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It is wide open and the final 8 have been playing class darts. I might go for a small bet on Smith to win the thing but for me it's either Anderson, Wright or Lewis to take the World Championship home. I really can't wait for tomorrow, another top afternoon and evening of darts. If that 9-Darter doesn't come, then I don't know when...


Also, what's everyone's predictions on the Premier League participants?


We've got MVG, Anderson, Taylor and Wright of course. I think the last six spots are going to Lewis, Wade, Smith, Barney, Chizzy and the last spot will be between Thornton, Van der Voort and yes I'm saying it, Suljovic. Though with Thornton winning the Grand Prix this year, I guess it'll be him.

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Michael Smith is the main one I want to see outside of the established elite. I love the way he plays the game, such a fluent action. Other than that, I'm not too fussed. You're probably right about Thornton although I'm not much a fan, would rather see Bunting or Huybrechts given another chance.


With Taylor KO'd, my bet is humped, but I might have another little play on Lewis at 4/1. He's due a big tournament win and we all know what he can do if he plays his A game, 4s looks a fair price.

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Great final to end the World Championship, not the best but was good. Really thought Anderson was going to blow it but he got there in the end, even during that phase when Lewis was hitting them 180's, Anderson gathered himself together and deservedly won. Props to Lewis though, he had the chance to do some damage but also had Problems on the double.
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