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Captain America: Civil War


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This is a great little teaser building up to what appears to be a beat down of Ironman from Bucky and Cap.


A few quick glances of Black Panther in there to get our juices flowing with a quick glimpse of whomever Martin Freeman is playing. But no sign of Antman and Vision. Any glimpse of Zemo and Spiderman probably wont land to the ineviatble trailer thats attached to Batman v Superman in March.


But in the mean time this shall more than suffice.

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Apparently that is a hoax. I have watched the trailer a lot to try and spot him.


That whole Ant-Man standing on people still bothers me. He should be the same weight as when he is normal size.

Guys like Cap, Thor and Iron Man would be able to support Ant-Man's full weight anyway.
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True but the promo showing Ant-Man standing on hawkeyes arrow tip and things like that. Cap would be affected. He is super strong but being able to run freely with a fullgrown man on your shoulder would have an effect surely?
Probably not with the three mentioned heroes, no.
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Does anyone else find Starks "we" deeply ironic?


I mean, where there is an Avenger to blame, it's always Iron Man who is responsible for all the shit going down, apart from, maybe Thor.


Let's break it down by movie. shall we? We shall...


Iron Man - Bad guy was in a iron monger suit.... developed from Iron Man tech - Blame for the Bad Guy : Tony Stark


The Incredible Hulk - Abomination, released by the America military - Blame : The people Stark trusts with the register.


Iron Man 2 - Vanko - Blame : Starks Dad, for being a bit of a dick. So a Stark.


Thor - Loki - Blame : Thor, for being a bit of a dick.


Captain America - Red Skull - Blame : not applicable /Hitler


The Avengers - Loki + Chitauri - Blame : Basically, Loki, indirectly via jealousy Thor (because Thor and Odin are both dicks)


Iron Man 3 - Killian - Blame : Tony Stark, for being a dick


Thor 2 - Malekith - Blame : not applicable/ bad luck


Cap 2 - Bucky - Blame : Hydra


Guardian - irrelevant


Avenger 2 - Ultron - Blame : Tony Stark, what a surprise...


Ant Man - Yellow Jacket - Blame : not applicable (bad guy was always a dick)



So, how exactly would having all powered individuals registered have prevented anything? At all? Oh, except for the shit Stark caused, of course, and there's plenty of that.


The rest was all frigging aliens, who wouldn't be registered anyway, or gods from Asgard (and again, they wouldn't be registered). Oh, and one suited bad guy who messed up a house. Like, 1 house, total.


In summary, fuck you Tony Stark, I hope Cap takes your head clean off with that shield, you apocalypse-inducing douchebag shithead asshole.

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In the first Iron Man, the bad guy was already a bad guy before Tony had built his first suit (remember, Stane had set up the ambush where Tony was captured).


Yeah, he was, but Tony made it possible for him to become Iron Monger instead of just being Obadiah Stane, scheming dickbag.

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I've heard its not as good as Cap 2, but I've never really understood the love for Cap 2, seems like its seen as the best Marvel film along with maybe Guardians, but I just thought it was really long and boring. I didn't like Cap 1 either. Very much looking forward to this one though seeing as it seems like Cap and more Avengers 2.5 Edited by Kam
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So, I saw this last night.


The first hour or so is pretty slow burning, but once it gets going it's pretty relentless. Humour by the bucketload from Antman and Spider-Man.


It's also very clear that plenty of shots in the trailers are made especially for the trailers so not to not give too much away for when you see the film proper.


The likes of Scarlett Witch and Vision are fleshed out pretty well with both playing pretty pivotal roles.


Black Panther is of course introduced but his abilities and how he has got them is still a bit of a mystery.


Spider-Man is introduced in a really fun way, we've just been introduced to this character and he already feels like a definitive version. A few in jokes here too regarding the fact that there have been a few different versions of him as well as Aunt Mays appearance.


Maybe a few quibbles with Zemo, but his motives tie into the existing story pretty well.


All in all a pretty good movie which has outdone what Batman v Superman set out to do, the comparisons are going to be there but in reality Civil War always had the advantage with a far greater universe and back story to play with. I didn't dislike DC's effort but this comes off as a far better rounded movie even if some of the faults in BvS are also prevalent here especially in the first hour of the movie.


My favourite MCU movie to date?


Maybe, but I still hold the first Avengers and GOTG in pretty high esteem. Looking forward to Doctor Strange now, if the trailer is anything to go by we should be in for something visually stunning though I think we may have to wait until Spider-Man : Homecoming to pick up the strands hanging in this film.

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Ok, first, this is a great movie.


Second, the problem, as I suspected it would be, is the premise. Tony Stank is easily the most guilty of causing death through unthinking idiocy (really, after creating Ultron, how was he not in prison when this started?), and is the cause of most of the shit going wrong in the MCU so far. That woman was right to blame him for her sons death, because Sokovia was his fault. Not the Avengers, not SHIELDs, not HYDRAs, Tony Fucking Stanks'. See my post before this one.


Anyhow, the entire point of the Avengers is to tackle things no one else can. The idea that they'd be deployed by a UN committee is so fucking stupid, it barely warrants consideration by anyone with a brain. Apply that stupidity to the examples sighted in the movie. Earth would be ruled by Loki and Chitauri (Avengers, New York). Or Hydra (CA2:WS, Washington). Or be a wasteland (Ultron, Sokovia). In every case, their inaction would have resulted in worse outcomes, and so called "oversight" wouldn't have made one damn bit of difference, except maybe to delay deployment and cost more lives. Fucking genius plan.



[spoiler=Spoilers, duh.]

Shithead in charge makes a comment about misplacing 2 30k ton nukes at one point, referring to Thor and Hulk. That attitude of seeing them as simply weapons and not people who have the right to make their own choices is exactly the problem with so-called "oversight".


Thor, in particular, would not be bound by earth law. He's a god, for fucksakes, I'm sure he's going to sit around and wait for permission to smash Loki's plans with his magic hammer which none of the assholes making these decisions could lift with all the strength in their unworthy bodies. I mean, he will right?.... And he'll totally be down for saving humanity next time we need his help if we tried to arrest him.


And then we get to Bucky. Cap isn't blinded by his friendship with Bucky. The guy was fucking brainwashed ala Manchurian Candidate. He's as guilty for his actions as Stank would have been if Ultron had hacked his suit while he was piloting it and murdered people with it. Which is to say, not guilty at all. Oh, wait, only Stank made Ultron, so he actually is guilty. Also, Bucky's being framed for the thing they're hunting him for. So, of course, the first thing the throbbing dickhead in charge of enforcing these Accords does is issue a shoot to kill order on the guy being framed. Yes, Stank, this was such a good idea, you fetid whores not-washed-for-a-year minge.


I could go on and on, but I won't, except to say Vision accidentally blasting War Machine was deeply ironic, given Stanks sides position and all. Someone definitely needs more control...





TLDR, or want to remain unspoilered, the Accords premise sucks, and the people wanting them, and their reasons are stupid.


The problems with the premise of the Accords aside, this is actually a really good movie. Plenty of action, but it's very much not a dumb action movie. There's a lot there story-wise for almost all the characters and it's well handled and balanced.



Also, Black Panther kicks ass, and Spidey rocks. I hope their solo movies aren't too sidetracked by fallout from this, but let's face it, with no more of the major players involved here having their own films until at least after Infinity War, they're going to get some use, though Thor 3 could also have some use.

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because Sokovia was his fault. Not the Avengers, not SHIELDs, not HYDRAs, Tony Fucking Stanks'. See my post before this one.
Is the man who invented the gun to blame for all the deaths guns have caused since then?
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Is the man who invented the gun to blame for all the deaths guns have caused since then?


Apples are not oranges.The key difference is that a gun in an inanimate object, whereas Tony Stank knew full well he was playing with an unknown alien sentience when he awoke/created Ultron.


Look at it this way, if Stank released a basket of random snakes onto Widow while she was asleep, is it his fault if one of them is poisonous and bites her?


Because that's what he was doing, kicking a basket of snakes when he knew nothing about what was in it.


Also, a better analogy would be: Is the man who built Skynet responsible for it's actions?


And the answer, in both cases, is, rather obviously, yes.

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