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Survivor series reportedly on list of a possible terrorist attack

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FBI Acknowledges Anonymous ISIS Threat for WWE Survivor Series in Atlanta


ChiariNov 21, 2015[/paste:font]

Mark Winne of WSB-TV, an FBI source informed him that the threat is indeed being taken seriously.


Despite that, Winne insisted there is no reason to panic. He also reported the FBI intends to release a statement on the matter.


News of the potential threat first came to light Saturday in a post by Anonymous—which is part of OpParisIntel—on PasteBin.com (h/t IBTimes.com).


Per the post, intelligence suggests ISIS may be planning further attacks in Paris as well as attacks in Italy, Lebanon and Indonesia on Sunday.


"WWE Survivor Series is currently scheduled as planned while we investigate the matter with federal, state and local authorities," WWE said in a statement, per Liz Mullen of Sports Business Journal.


According to CNN.com, at least 128 people were killed and many more were injured in a terrorist attack in Paris last week.


Per WSBTV.com, Winne reported that Georgia Emergency Management Agency director Jim Butterworth is in contact with the FBI regarding the threat at Survivor Series.


"His agency is working closely with the FBI, the Georgia information sharing and analysis center and others in evaluating the threat on a Sunday WWE event in Atlanta reported by the group Anonymous," Winne said.


Details surrounding the threat are scarce, but plans remain in place for Survivor Series to move forward Sunday night.



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From the Wrestling-Online Newsletter:




- WWE and the Philips Arena issued a full statement on the alleged ISIS threat from yesterday at the Survivor Series, which takes place tonight. “Federal, state and local law enforcement authorities have confirmed there is no specific or credible information involving a threat against tomorrow’s WWE Survivor Series at Philips Arena. However, WWE and Philips Arena have coordinated with the appropriate agencies and law enforcement, and significantly increased security measures to ensure the safety of all those in attendance, which is our highest priority,” the statement read. Additional security measures will be in place which means fans will take longer to enter the area. To compensate for this, doors will now open at 6PM, a full one hour early, so fans can avoid any delays. Meanwhile, everyone is encouraged to take public transportation (MARTA) to the event and are advised that bags will not be permitted in the arena.




- With the threat at the Survivor Series and maximum security from Atlanta Police Department and other agencies, both WWE and the Philips Arena keep stressing that no bags will be allowed inside the building. Bags of any kind will be banned and showing up with one you will be denied entry into the arena. The Philips Arena is now also banning women purses so whatever you’re taking with you to the arena make sure it fits in your pockets. Banning all bags will also speed up security to enter the building as over 10,000 people have to be screened one by one, probably more thoroughly than ever before. WWE bags from merchandise stands inside the arena will most likely be handed out if you buy any merchandise as these would have been pre-screened. If you are attending the show, please stay in touch with the @PhilipsArena on Twitter for the latest security updates.

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