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I'm a Celeb - 2015


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What time does I'm A Celebrity 2015 start on TV tonight? Plus, Duncan Bannatyne already a favourite for camp winner

Ahead of the first foray into the jungle tonight, we survey the contestants braving the Australian outback



Photo issued by ITV of (top from left) Tony Hadley, Yvette Fielding, Chris Eubank, Jorgie Porter, George Shelley, (bottom from left) Kieron Dyer, Lady Colin Campbell, Duncan Bannatyne, Brian Friedman and Susannah Constantine, who have been revealed as the contestants for I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! 2015





Yes, I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! will return to ITV tonight with a new batch of insect-plagued celebrities.


One man we won't mind seeing again, however, is last year's winner Carl Fogarty. The multiple World Superbike Championship winner was crowned King of the Jungle last series and has confirmed that he is heading back to Oz to do a few I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here NOW! shows on ITV2.



"I'm going to go out there for the last week and do a few shows with Laura [Whitmore] and Swashy [Joe Swash] and then handover my crown to the new King or Queen," Fogarty said. Speaking about the experience, Fogarty said: "I can't watch it back. I just cringe, it's like when I was racing. I can't watch... It is hard. It is really hard... When you get asked to do a trial it's amazing because there is so much waiting around. The best bit was winning, it really was."


Jungle twist

No, this isn't a dance, it's a twist to how the game is played.


The camp is to be split into two and Tony Hadley and Susannah Constantine will be the team leaders.


They will get to pick who they want to join their teams.


New additions to the jungle

The jungle has been spruced up, according to The Sun, who are out in Australia checking out the joint.


There's a new throne that one celeb gets to sit on and rule the rest from - we're betting it'll be Duncan Bannatyne, and if it isn't he'll throw a tantrum.


Also the Lover's Creek is back after a hiatus, where our favourite celebrity couple Peter Andre and Jordan first found love. Cute. Who will smooch there this year? Only time will tell.


There is also a vending machine with which to 'tease' the contestants.


Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming series, including when it starts, how to watch it and what the cast of celebrities is like this year.


What time and when does the 2015 series of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! start on TV?

It's official.


The new series will launch on Sunday November 15 at 9pm.

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I started off hating Lady C here accent really winds me up but her royal waves in the trial had me in stitches. The rest I really like but you are right without Ant and Dec the show would flounder and die. They are just amaszing and know how to take the mick without insulting anyone.
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Omega yesterdays was brilliant a twist on the normal way they enter camp it was quite clever but Ant and Decs reaction at the first bush tucker trial was simply brilliant. As you have not seen the program this is mainly for King but i really want a Bawndana. i also and i know its wrong want to go to Ribs and Rumps.
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Missed last nights but I'm generally caught up.


So Banatyne is my favourite so far but Jorgie and George seem pretty fun. Eubank is ok as is Hadley, Dyer and Yvette. Not fussed at all on Susannah or any of the three new ones. Lady C goes from being highly entertaining to fucking annoying. I think she'll end up going early doors either public votes or just walking off.


It's a good cast in general I think, better than a few years though last year was a particularly good one in terms of the group dynamic (bar Edwina Currie which is who Lady C reminds me of).


Trials have taken a step up this year though, lots more production value put into it and switch up's in types of challenege etc.

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Lord Colin Campbell on Lady C, interesting reading:






By now you’ll be quite familiar with Lady Colin Campbell and her hilarious antics in the I’m A Celebrity jungle.


You’ll probably also have caught wind of her troubled childhood, where a genital malformation meant her family raised her as a boy even though she was female. It took until she was 21 years old for doctors to confirm she had been born a female and underwent surgery to correct the malformation.


Following the surgery, Lady C, then known as Georgia Ziadie, met a 25-year-old Lord Colin Campbell and after a whirlwind romance lasting five days, the pair were married in March 1974.It took just ten months for the relationship to turn sour and four more before they were divorced.


Now living in an apartment in Palm Beach, Florida, Lord Colin has opened up in an explosive interview with the Sun on Sunday for the first time in 40 years about finding out his former wife had been raised as a man.


I was stunned. I simply could not believe what I was hearing. After she told me I could not even bring myself to look at my wife let alone touch her. My brother, the Duke of Argyll, called me and asked: ‘Do you realise you have married a man?’ He was wrong about that, I now realise, but it was a massive shock at the time. Before then I had not the slightest suspicion. Lord Colin Campbell, speaking to Sun on Sunday


Lord Colin, 69, did have some remorse for how he acted all those years ago but continued:


Looking back I do feel sorry for her, but she should have told me the truth. Things were not so liberal back then and the scandal was deeply embarrassing for my family. I thought she was very attractive. She was flirtatious and I was a randy young man. I proposed, I was pretty inebriated. I was young, stupid and silly. I was an impulsive, stupid young man.

She was a beautiful, flirtatious young woman when I met her. The sex was normal and we had a lot of it, like most people do on honeymoon. There was nothing unusual about her body and we were having a fantastic time. But I soon discovered that she is trouble with a capital T. If I could offer any advice to the other contestants in the jungle it would be to avoid her at all costs.

Lady C’s past was soon unearthed by a journalist who discovered her birth certificate and reports in the press at the time claimed she was transsexual – which of course is not true.


She was forced to explain her father, a wealthy Jamaican man, used to give her male hormones when she wanted to dress like a girl. As the scandal unravelled, Lord Colin hit the booze to deal with it all while Lady C was cut off from the family, despite continuing to call herself Lady Colin Campbell – something her former husband hates.


She can seem charming and lovely but in my opinion she is a monster. I think she’s a crushing snob and completely fake. She keeps claiming to be related to the Royal Family through me. How does that work? I am not related to the Queen, not at all. I find it infuriating she continues to call herself Lady Colin Campbell.

Lord Colin says he hasn’t spoken to his wife since their divorce in 1975 and barely has a good word to say about the woman who has spent her life chronicling the Royal Family.


We were never compatible. We had vicious rows and there was constant nonsense. Her voice would irritate me. I read it is an aristocratic accent. Well, it’s not like any I have ever heard. She has proven to be a constant embarrassment including when she wrote that ghastly book about Prince Charles and Princess Diana. I met the Prince of Wales and apologised to him for the scribblings of my ex-wife. I said I hoped he realised it was nothing to do with me. He said he understood.

I have not spoken to her since the day we divorced in 1975. I have not watched I’m A Celebrity. She’s bad news and I hope I never have to lay eyes on her again.

Well whatever your opinion of Lady C, one thing you can now know for sure, her ex-husband pretty much hates her.


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believe in your soul

You've got the power to know

You're indestructible

Always believe in, because you are


Glad that you're bound to return

There's something I could have learned

You're indestructible, always believing [\quote]


Blast from the past now singing in my head childhood relived although gutted Lady C has gone

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