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WWE RAW Discussion Thread - November 16, 2015 from Greenville, SC (#1173)


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United States: LIVE, Monday Night, Nov. 16, at 8/7c on the USA Network

United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, Nov. 17, at 12AM on SkySportsHD3



Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, SC


Confirmed Matches/Events


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament: Quarter-Finals:

Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament: Quarter-Finals:

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kalisto


Final Build to Survivor Series

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The title tournament has helped Raw become a little more interesting...and agreed, Cesaro/Reigns was great!


Having the Divas contract signing as the final segment seemed a little strange, the feud has never really felt that big of a deal. It feels like they just put it there to try and captalise on the goodwill from the Sasha/Bayley feud. As soon as Charlotte mentioned her baby brother I was thinking uh-oh...and sure enough they used it to build the feud. It was totally uncomfortable to hear. For those that don't know about Reid, see:


Reid Flair has died


From the Wrestling-Online Newsletter:




Elizabeth Fliehr, the mother of WWE Divas champion Charlotte, expressed her anger at WWE for using her dead son Reid as part of the angle yesterday between Charlotte and Paige, an angle which main evented Monday Night Raw. Fleihr called the WWE writers “that lazy” and used the hashtags #cheapheat, #disgusting #disrespectful #cruel, and #sad. The tweet was addressed to Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon, and Triple H. She then later said that she did not know that was going to be part of the show. During the contract signing segment, Charlotte mentioned her late brother and how when he passed away, Paige was there for her. “I’m here today because of him and that’s the only reason, to fulfill his dream.” Paige said that she was using Charlotte all along from day one and called her naive. Charlotte then added that she will continue to fight each and every day just like her father did and just like her brother did. “You know what Charlotte, you’re wrong sweetheart. Cause your little baby brother, he didn’t have much fight in him, did he?” replied Paige. The comment sparked a brawl between the two Divas and WWE referees had to break them up. Reid died at the age of 25 on March 29, 2013, after he was found in bed at a Residence Inn in the SouthPark hotel room in Charlotte, North Carolina by his father. He died of an accidental overdose of heroin and the prescription drugs clonazepam and alprazolam.

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