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Mourning the loss of Silent Hills? Allison Road might fill the void.


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It's generally considered that the P.T. demo was one of the best "games" of 2014 and when it was announced that Silent Hills had been cancelled by Konami, a lot of people were disappointed.


While it was unlikely the full Silent Hills game would have kept the first-person styling of P.T. (especially as they had Norman Reedus and would want to have his image on screen as often as possible), the idea of Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima working together had a lot of people excited.


Allison Road looks like it could fill that void, while also sticking with the first-person view of P.T. to boot. Although it was in development before P.T. was first shown and was well under construction at the time of the cancellation, it's going to get comparisons and (unfair) criticism that it is just ripping it off.


After setting Everyone's Gone to the Rapture in a small UK town, it's interesting that Allison Road is also set in the UK, specifically a standard UK house / neighbourhood.


"The player controls an unnamed protagonist who awakens in his British townhouse with no memory. As the player explores the house, evidence gathered from letters and photos suggest his family has been the victim of a heinous crime. Most rooms, including the backyard of the house, can be explored. Though some doors are initially locked, some eventually open as the teaser progresses. In the final moments of the trailer, the player discovers a ghoulish figure, assumed to be the ghost of his wife, which attacks him just before the screen cuts to black."

It's currently on Kickstarter and is looking to raise £250,000.00 to fund the development and have the game released on PC in 2016, with Linux, Mac and console versions to follow if they reach various stretch goals or the PC release makes enough money on its own.


At the moment, they are on £137,649 with 11 days left, so it's looking unlikely to reach the target, but with a lot of game-centric sites featuring the trailer and the push, it's possible an influx of backers could happen and the game gets released.

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