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WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 Discussion Thread - October 25, 2015 from Los Angeles, CA (#7)


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The seventh annual WWE Hell in a Cell will come to you, live on the WWE Network, on October 25 from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA.


The official theme song for WWE Hell in a Cell is "Cut The Cord" by Shinedown, which is available now on iTunes.




Confirmed Matches/Events

Hell in a Cell Match:

Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker


Hell in a Cell Match:

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt


WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Corporate Kane's Job on the Line:

Seth Rollins © vs. Demon Kane


John Cena to Present the U.S. Open Challenge


WWE Tag Team Championship:

The New Day © vs. The Dudley Boyz


Intercontinental Championship:

Kevin Owens © vs. Ryback


Divas Championship:

Charlotte © vs. Nikki Bella


6-Man Tag: Kickoff Exclusive:

Dolph Ziggler, Neville, & Cesaro vs. Rusev, King Barrett, & Sheamus

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They've just announced it's going to be Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker in HiaC...


Beat me to it :lol Not surprising. Hell in a Cell is the best way for this rivalry to end. What is surprising is how it was announced. Instead of making it a challenge or building up to the announcement, they just reveal it in a commercial for the Hell in a Cell event.

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Yeah, I agree. I hope the Wyatts vs. Reigns/Ambrose (and partner/s) get the cell match. It's the only thing they have that's near a "blood feud". It could be fun carnage too.


Well they do have something more fitting! I didn't expect Undertaker and Brock's blow-off match to be on this PPV but that looks great.

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I am glad its not being dragged out until Mania (at least I don't think it will be) and it is a massive boost that this gimmick and the PPV needed so good booking (did I just say the WWE booked something right? Phew, meds time).


Looks like we are going to get Kane, sorry DEMON Kane v Seth as well for the Title, possibly Ambrose v Jericho or the Wyatts v a Shed + another and New Day v Dudleyz is what I presume will be a tables match going off the results and likely booking from Night of Champions.


In my heart of hearts though, I want a battle of the Super Villains and have a Cosmic Wasteland v Wyatt match because that would be insane. I know it will never happen but a deranged mind can dream lol.

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Look, I like the wyatts, and I like ambrose/reigns... there was a time seeing the shield vs wyatts would have been great. But I too, think it's gotten stale and is suffering from bad story telling. The earlier mention of cosmic wasteland vs. wyatts could be pretty entertaining for a time if done right, but man, wwe has not had a great track record for doing it right lately...
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Reigns vs. Wyatt in a Hell in a Cell Match has been added to the card. I was expecting that we would see Rollins vs. Demon Kane in HIAC, but would WWE really do three HIAC matches? They probably would, but I hope they don't. Having two Cell Matches on one card is already too much in my opinion.
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Hell in a Cell is quickly becoming the night of rematches. All but one match on the current card is a rematch.


It was announced on RAW that Rollins vs. Demon Kane for the title will take place at Hell in a Cell with the stipulation that, if Demon Kane does not win the title, then Corporate Kane will lose his job as Director of Operations. Also, New Day vs. Dudleyz and Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella have been added.


Owens vs. Ryback for the IC Title has also been added to the card. With the exception of the two Hell in a Cell Matches, this card is pretty lame. Three of the four title matches are just rematches from Night of Champions.


Orton & Ambrose vs. Harper & Strowman has been added to the card and, of all the matches on the card, it has been put on the Kickoff show.


With Randy Orton's unusual absence from this past weekend's tour of Mexico as well as being absent from RAW, the scheduled match between Orton & Ambrose and Harper & Strowman has been scrapped. In its place, will be a 6-Man Tag match between Dolph, Neville, & Cesaro and Rusev, Barrett, & Sheamus. Also, Cena will hold the U.S. Open Challenge as well.

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I've been very unsure about Brock vs. 'Taker over the last month. The buildup to their supposed "final" match has been pretty weak, but I have no doubt that both of them can deliver on a quality Hell in a Cell match. Lesnar is not scheduled for any more appearances this calendar year, so I expect both of them to go all out.


I'm really hoping that Reigns vs. Wyatt will surprise us. We've seen some glimmers of hope in this feud (like their awesome brawl that ended RAW a few weeks ago) and their Hell in a Cell match could steal the show. When you consider that they are essentially trying to outdo the Brock/Taker Cell match, it's a good opportunity to put a memorable end to this feud.


The WWE Title match is the most frustrating match on the card to me. If it wasn't for Kane, this buildup would have been abysmal. The chipper and unassuming Corporate Kane has been an unexpected highlight to an otherwise dumb feud (let us not forget when Demon Kane fixed his injured ankle by stomping his foot). I'm sure both Rollins and Kane will do the best they can with what they've been given (just like they've been doing the past month). They're just a part of the system; it's not their fault the creative team has essentially given up.


The U.S. Open Challenge should be quite interesting considering that Cena is scheduled to take some time off after the pay-per-view. If that is still the case (given that Orton is injured and Lesnar will make his last appearance this year at the event), that means he will probably drop the U.S. Title. While Dolph Ziggler seems to be the front-runner to be the next U.S. Champion, I think the newly debuted Tyler Breeze might be a better option. Cena has done a great job of elevating the U.S. Title to near World Title status and there's very few guys in WWE who can keep the title at that level. Sure, Breeze is not one of those guys, but it makes more sense to me to put the title on an up-and-comer like Tyler Breeze than someone like Dolph Ziggler. Sure, Dolph can put on show-stealing matches, but I'm confident that Tyler Breeze can do the same given the opportunity.


I honestly don't care about the other title matches on the card. They're just rematches from Night of Champions that weren't that great to begin with. While I would love to see The Dudley Boyz get one last run with the WWE Tag Team Titles, I can't see WWE sacrificing The New Day for this cause. The New Day has enjoyed quite the surge of popularity as of late and not even WWE is foolish enough to abandon that (at least not yet).


Owens vs. Ryback doesn't interest me. I'm a fan of Kevin Owens, but this feud with Ryback has just been so lame and their matches have been "meh" at best. There's a lot of guys on the roster that Owens can have great matches with, but Ryback is just not one of those.


As for the Divas Title match, I don't like either Charlotte or Nikki Bella and I stand by my belief that Sasha Banks needs to be put into the title picture and I still believe that Charlotte is not ready to be a champion on the main roster.

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The tag match is interesting because it's again all set-up for the Dudley Boys to win, like it was at Night of Champions and MSG. We'll find out here whether they went with the DQs there to stretch out the feud because New Day have no-one obvious to work with (probable) or another reason. After watching the MSG finish, I wondered whether Vince had decided that New Day shouldn't lose because they were the hotter act. if that was the case, the only out they have here is the double turn, which is a possibility because New Day have something, the Dudleys have cooled down quite a bit, and there's an obvious WrestleMania match in New Day vs. The Wyatt Family.


The more likely thing is they're just trying to drag the feud out. TLC is on the horizon, I wonder whether they're thinking of doiing that for the Tag titles. The Lucha Dragons and/ or whatever teams are forming in this Sheamus, Barrett, Rusev, Neville, Cesaro, Ziggler deal could be involved. You'd have to think TNA have the Hardy Boys locked up.

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It did and I missed the US Open Challenge and the shocker there as well as the Reigns v Bray HIAC so I'll have to re-watch them on the Network at some point.


Not sure about the Main Event, it was a big effort by Taker, the ending sort of capped off the story in terms of the match and what they did with the ring was unique - I just don't know if it actually felt like a Cell match or just a hardcore one plus the pacing was a bit off and Brock had to do a lot of selling for Taker despite, at least until the end, the relative damage being dolled out being unequal.


God knows where they are going with the actual ending of the PPV though, hopefully they do something with it properly on RAW.


The Ryback v Owens IC title was a bet meh, although it was nice Owens went over clean with his finish and can move on to other people now. Kane v Rollins was what it was - they did the best they could with it and at least Rollins got a clean win and I was shocked at the result of the Tag Title match but then again every Dudley appearance since their surprise return has been met with more and more crickets so perhaps Vince is actually listening for a change?

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As much as Alberto was a nice surprise, I find him pretty bland so I can't seem him bringing anything fresh/exciting anytime soon.


New Day need Xavier, he's such a big character, the team doesn't feel right without him there.


With Dean's comment to Roman about what's happening next, I'm assuming he'll go after Seth and the title now.


When Nikki threw Charlotte back/head first against the ring apron - that looks vicious! Then immediately after, they go back in the ring and Charlotte just does the Figure Eight as if nothing happened! :rolleyes:


With Survivor Series a celebration of Undertaker, he's got to be featured. I was expecting Kane to make the save at the end, maybe they'll reunite to face the Wyatts, it's not like Kane has anything better to do.

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