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Moyes Vs LVG


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While Rodgers is clearly under pressure at Liverpool I find it odd that LVG doesn't seem to be under the slightest bit of pressure, what do ye Utd fans think of the stat below?


FACT: Louis Van Gaal's record is now worse than David Moyes' at Man Utd...and he's spent almost 5 times more money.


Even after last night's away defeat the press seem to be giving him a pass.

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He has the reputation as a world class manager. Moyes did very well at Everton but Everton have punched well above their weight financially for years. LVG has managed Netherlands and various other higher caliber(!) teams.


There is also the fact that Moyes was handpicked by Fergie and the press clearly didnt like how that was done and he had the weight of the world on his shoulders to perform from day 1. LVG was seen as just the next manager.

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The fact is, as Yoda pointed out, he was handpicked by Fergie to continue to the success, in Fergie's goodbye speech he pretty much said that he will be a success and he wasn't because the players didn't give him the backing he needed to be one and the board tried to do what they always did up until that point - make one signing and hope that will be enough.


Moyes inherited a league winning team, one that overtook City and won the 20th title comfortably but one that to the trained eye could see was starting to crack. It needed Paul Scholes to come back out of retirement to control the midfield and now he was gone, the back line was leaking and in need of investment, everyone was getting old from RVP through Rio, Vidic, Giggs, Carrick all the way to Evra over 30 and those around them proven to be too inconsistent to carry on the torch (Nani, Anderson, Janzauj, Buttner, Jones, Rafael etc) but the press didn't see that - they saw a team they generally hate who just won the title failing under a chosen boss who was brought in to continue a dynasty.


LVG on the other hand came in and told them (the press and fans) straight, he is not chosen, he is not going to win the league for at least three years, the team needs ripping apart and there will be periods where it will suck but he will bring European football back and go from there.


He has done all of those things, sold on the remnants of the Fergie era bar a few, brought in a completely new squad and brought back CL football. Moyes on the other hand wasn't allowed to be or couldn't bring himself to say it will suck, that they won't contend and he suffered because of it.


Its all about calling your shot and hitting it, both as a manager and also for the club - Moyes was the second coming and would do all he could to continue to bring silverware to United and failed to do so in spectacular 7th place fashion as well as already being disliked by the press from his time at Everton. LVG came in and spoke the truth so they are giving him leeway.


As for the board? Well his overall record is worse then Moyes now in terms of win percentage I think they have come to realise something they failed to do before Fergie left - there is going to be three of four years where it will not go our way. United have had this before under Fergie during the Arsenal untouchable era and then the emergence of Chelsea under Jose. For a good few years United won bugger all and finished 3rd and gradually, a league cup here, an FA Cup there and then finally a league title after four years - that is what happening now.


To do that United paid £30m for Rooney, sold off most of the treble winning era players, changed the coaching staff around Fergie, then brought in Van Der Saar, Vidic, Evra, Rio, Smith, Saha, Tevez, Ronaldo, Carrick and topped them up with Hargreaves, Anderson, Berbatov, Hernandez, Nani and not all of them where successes and some other mistakes where made during the rebuild as well but it got there in the end.


For me that is where United are now but it looks worse because transfer fees are on the whole more expensive because there is more money in the game, because United are known to have money and one of the richest clubs in the world but the situation is the same as it was between 2002-2006 - United are in transition, its just a shame it took the Moyes year for everyone to accept that and that he paid the price.


A question being banded about is, if Moyes had been given the same funds would he have done better? But its one we'll never know the answer to so its a pointless one.


For the overall situation I picture Liverpool in 1992. Souness is in charge, a legend at the club and done well at his previous job, he is a chosen one and he doesn't deliver - that mirrors Moyes at United. Because Liverpool needed to rebuild and messed it up what followed then has been a period of fallows and false dawns. United are there now, in the 1992 stage where the rebuild is happening after Moyes/Souness has gone, question is with no master team builder Fergie in place will United go down the Liverpool route or will they do what they did in 2006, emerge stronger and dominant once more?

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LVG is the new 2005 Jose. The press love him because he is a bit wacky and speaks brutal truth.


Seconded on the great post gringo.


I personally think moyes wouldnt of succeeded regardless. I dont think he could handle the pressure of managing that big a club. I dont think it helped that fergie stayed in a position of power to groom moyes. He got in his ear to much about who to buy what tactics to use etc. I dont get the sense fergie has the same hold and sway over LVG.


Maybe LVG has stood up to fergie and told him to take a back seat? Either way he is following his knowledge and skills to create HIS team. Not his and fergies team.

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Great post Gringo...time will tell I suppose, I just find it strange that he's under no pressure at all, the press even seem to like with his wacky interviews.


It's still early in the season and United at the moment are top four and beaten a traditional top four rival in Liverpool as well. Add to that the fact that Chelsea are sucking balls at the moment, they are level with Arsenal with only City who have spent more then United ahead of them out of the supposed top six and you see why there is less pressure on him then some expect.


Fact is as well, no one expects United in the media to get past the group stages, even with a draw that in the past most United fans would have lapped up has been regarded as a tricky proposition as it is this squads first tilt at CL, there are some long distance trips and there is less expectation for English clubs to succeed in Europe now given how well Barca, Atletico, Real, Bayern and Juve have progressed in recent years.


If he isn't top four or thereabouts at Christmas and not in knock out stages, that is when I expect the pressure to crank up on him.

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