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WWE RAW Discussion Thread - September 14, 2015 from Memphis, TN (#1164)


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United States: LIVE, Monday Night, Sept. 14, at 8/7c on the USA Network

United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, Sept. 15, at 12AM on SkySportsHD3



FedExForum in Memphis, TN


Confirmed Matches/Events


Season Premiere of RAW


Divas Championship:

Nikki Bella © vs. Charlotte


WWE Tag Team Championship:

The New Day © vs. The Prime Time Players


Final Build to Night of Champions

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To me it doesn't make much sense as to have a premiere, you need to have finished for a bit. Regardless, I wonder who are going win the two title matches. I think New Day will retain and face the Dudleys at NOC. To see in this supposed "Diva Revolution" Charlotte has to win and go on to have excellent title matches just like in NXT. However, if this was TNA, Nikki would beat Charlotte clean.
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Nikki will win and then a rematch at NOC where Charlotte will win. Just so Nikki can be the longest reigning and get the record away from AJ and by proxy punk. Suprised they havent had anyone beat Punks reign.


I think they'll change the match up a bit at NoC and have Nikki v Sasha v Charlotte after she gets a screwy finish to take her past the AJ record.


As for Punk's record - there is still time for Seth. I see him losing the US title back to Cena after their pointless feud and beating Sting.

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I cant see Seth holding the title for another 9 days let alone 9 months. His title reign has been good but I think Sting will beat him. If he doesnt then Rollins needs to turn face to freshen his character up a bit. Its boring the whole cowardly heel getting help or winning by screwy finish all the time. He loses too much in non title bouts as well. I know Brock was rarely around let alone had a match but he was booked so strongly that it made the title matter again. Seth needs to continue that and he is trying but poor booking is again letting the whole product down.
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For Seth now, in terms of booking, see 2003 era HHH.


Like Seth he was held up by authority, had a little entourage that helped him win matches and when they couldn't he'd sneak a win himself.


There are in fact very few times I can remember HHH winning clean between 2000-2006 whilst a heel and it's that same thought process that is at play in this run.


It also means that if he does turn face he win win all the time like HHH did during 2001-2003

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