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[36] FWL Update: Week 3


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Hi all,


REMINDER - The first pick change is on Monday 14th September and remember you can change up to 2 picks and/or your Team Captain!


Do you want The Dudleys and Braun added? Reply here.




- Cesaro and The Miz fight to a double count-out


- Seth got points for competing in 2 matches


The leaderboard has been updated with the WWE Raw points.


As always, I encourage you all to check the points in the FWL User Control Panel - just to ensure I have not made any mistakes.






This season we will have FOUR opportunities to change up to 2 picks and/or your Team Captain, the current scheduled dates will be:

  • Monday 14th September
  • Monday 5th October
  • Monday 19th October
  • Monday 16th November

You will have a 24 hour window (GMT) to change 2 picks and/or your Team Captain on the above dates. All you will have to do is login as normal (on the date), and you'll notice it will let you change up to 2 picks - as long as you don't go over your budget! But remember ONLY 2 PICKS can be changed. Remember, you also have the opportunity to change your Captain if you wish! For more info, click here.






> Leaderboard


> Usergroups (click the name of any usergroup to see their respective leaderboards)


> FWL User Control Panel (If it said "Access Denied Entry Deadline Past", ignore it, if you registered in time, you will still be able to login. Don't forget, you have to be logged into the forums before you can login to the FWL section)

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I noticed I forgot to give Becky and Charlotte their appearance points for Raw, so I've added them along with the Main Event and Smackdown points.


  • Paige and Sasha Banks fight to a no contest
  • Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, & Jimmy Uso and The New Day fight to a no contest

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