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Perfect WWE Tag Teams that need to form...


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Darren Young & Samoa Joe (Mighty Joe Young)

The Hurricane & The Human Tornado (The New Natural Disasters)

Big E. & Sami Zayn (The Big E-Zee)

Jack Swagger & "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers (Swagger Jaggers)

The Rock & Terry Boulder (The Stonemasons)

Mike Knox & Hugo Knox (Knox Knox)


EDIT (as this was posted as I was typing) -

I'd like to see Owens and Cesaro team up as some kind of New Blood type team. Have them recognise it;s the "old guard" making them fight each other and then team up and fight back.
I didn't realise it was to be serious teams.


In that case, Cesaro & Owens teaming up (as heels) and going on a tear would be amazing to see if they were allowed to just go all out.


Another, if he could come back, would be to team Kurt Angle (on a farewell run of sorts) with Chad Gable and eventually pass the "Olympic wrestler is actually really, really good at this" mantle to the younger man.

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I'm going to stick with the serious tag team combinations for now. At least until I think of some funny ones that are worthy of sharing :lol


Dean Ambrose & Luke Harper. They're both disheveled, have crazy gimmicks, and they even have similar ring attire. Every time I see them wrestle each other, I always have this thought of them as a tag team.


Kane & Erick Rowan. Why? Why not? Rowan still needs some help getting over and being able to work a tolerable match and who better to make him look good than Kane? With both of them out of action, this could be a perfect way for them to return and be somewhat relevant.


That's actually all I could come up with right now. I'll probably have some more later though.

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